Easy Easter Bunny cupcake decorating

Bring the Easter Bunny to life with this easy cake decorating idea. This is a fun project for the kids. Make your favourite cupcake recipe (or try our simple vanilla cupcakes here) then use marshmallows, chocolate drops, sprinkles and sweets to make the bunny features. To make the ears, snip white marshmallows into rounds and press […]

How to have a choc-alicious Easter party

Beautiful ideas and inspiration for throwing a choc-alicious Easter party. After all, it’s just around the corner.

Cute Easter cookies

Have an Easter cookie party with your kids or your friends, and let each person decorate their own to take home (or eat on the spot!).

Mint chocolate cookies

Animals, flowers, stars – these chocolate cookies can be cut into any shape. They are perfect for themed parties and holiday celebrations.

Decoupage Easter eggs

Pick up some patterned tissue paper or napkins and decoupage some faux eggs for a pretty Easter display. It’s super easy.

Easter cookies

Easter is not far away, which means it’s time to dig out your icing set. Homemade Easter eggs, cupcakes and cookies can all be spruced up with lashings of icing.

Delicious Easter cupcakes

We have two delicious cupcake recipes to share this week: a basic but yummy cupcake recipe that suits any icing and decoration, and Coca-Cola cupcakes. Check out our lovely decorating ideas too.

Free printable Easter gift tags and bunny mask

If you’re presenting Easter baskets full of goodies to friends and family this Easter, you may need a gift tag to accompany it (and a bunny mask to wear!). Download our free gift tags and print them onto white card stock. The kids will love the bunny mask too. It’s yours for the downloading.

Sweet Easter bread

This delicious sweet bread is traditional fare for the Easter table. The braided dough has a slight lemon tang. For more of a lemon kick, drizzle the baked bread with lemon icing. Click through to the website to get the recipe.

Craft DIY: Easter basket

Take a leaf out of Liesl Gibson’s book and repurpose a linen basket into a cute bunny Easter basket. Liesl made her basket based on a pattern from the book Zakka Sewing, then added a face, complete with embroidered whiskers, button eyes and sticky-up ears.

Eggshell bunnies

These Easter eggshell bunnies are super easy to make and they’re loads of fun for the kids. Click through to our website to see how to make them in four easy steps.