Crocheted Barbie clothes – 10 free patterns

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We’ve picked the cutest patterns for you to crochet for your little one’s Barbie doll. Best of all – they’re free!

Dresses, skirts, bags and bikinis. Your youngster is going to love these!


Try this super cute pink and white striped dress with matching handbag designed by Lyn over at Lyn’s Dolls Clothes. Click here for the free pattern.


A stunning red evening gown by Lynn Sears. Click here for the free pattern.


Cute, right? This tank dress, by Maz Kwok, is perfect for summer days. Get the free pattern here.

This lovely chevron dress is so pretty. Get the free pattern here.


Check out this beautiful off-the-shoulder dress, plus drawstring bag, which is also filled with a bikini set. Get the dress pattern here, the drawstring bag pattern here, and the bikini pattern here.


Matching his and her jackets, anyone? A cute pattern from Crochet N’ Crafts. Get the free pattern here.


Need more accessories? Crochet this colourful Granny square shopping bag, designed by Dezalyx. Get the free pattern here.


Dress Barbie like Tinker Bell, courtesy of Crafty Mama Sanchez. Get the free pattern here.


This pretty skirt, designed by the lovely Rebeckah, is crocheted in shell stitch and secured at the back with a snap fastener. It can be made shorter or longer if you wish. Get the free pattern here.


And because every little girl loves a wedding, check out this bridal set over at Rebeckah’s Treasures. It’s not a full pattern, but she does tell us what she did. Check out her free patterns as well to find similar examples. Click here for Rebeckah’s page.


  1. Helen McManus says

    I can’t figure out how to get the free patterns. Can someone help?

  2. Thank you for featuring my Barbie Skirt Pattern and Wedding Set!

  3. these patterns make me wish I still was little girl playing with my dolls! absolutely adorable!

    • Aren’t they gorgeous?

    • Barbara Blackburn says

      My Aunt Mary was a grandma. We went to visit her on a trip. We had our four year old grandaughter with us, and Aunt Mary brought out a shoe box filled with a Barbie doll and lots of clothes. They played for hours… you can always go back in time.
      Since seeing her do that, I have dolls and clothes to bring ot at special times also.

    • I love these patterns!! My granddaughter is gettin the Barbie dream house Christmas! I can’t wait!! Lol. I think if they have adult coloring now it should go the same for Barbie dolls!! My two favorite when I was a kid!!

    • Angie Hill says

      what are you saying? I am 60 yts. young and I play with my barbies to this day! LOL!

  4. Please can someone tell me where I can find clothes to crochet for Ken dolls.

  5. Thank you for the free patterns very cute I have five granddaughters I need to make Barbie clothes for and it’s just wonderful when the patterns are giving free thank you.

  6. Can these be made using #4 worsted weight yarn? Being cooped up in quarantine has me searching out random crochet projects to try! LOL!!

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