Update a kitchen

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Kitchen-renovationAdd a touch of paint, a change of tiles, fresh wallpaper or a new counter top to quickly update a tired kitchen.

The quickest way to update a kitchen is to add a change of colour in the form of paint, tiles or wallpaper. Find inspiration in these modern kitchens.


Place wallpaper behind shelves or open cabinets to add pattern or colour. It’s a super quick way to instantly change a room.


A simple strip of hot pink matches the newly painted mushroom colour in the kitchen. Hot pink kitchen accessories tie in with the pink paint. Choose your favourite colour combination and replicate this look for a quick and easy overhaul.


Who said splashbacks had to be one colour? Add character to your kitchen by choosing a selection of different patterned tiles to make up your splashback.


There’s no need to get rid of your cabinets when you feel like a change. Simply paint them instead. You can update the colour every couple of years to keep up with the latest trends.


Add some warmth to a cool kitchen by updating the bench top to a wooden one. Either fix a wood veneer to your existing bench, or whip the old one out and replace it with a new one. Add some additional wood veneer to a nearby wall for an added feature.


Add wood veneer to your existing cabinets for a complete change in appearance.


The easiest update of all? Switch out your plain dining room chairs for bright, colourful ones.

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