Easy weeknight meal: Baked sausages

I’ve been working on a brand new weeknight menu plan complete with shopping list (coming soon), so my kitchen is getting a thorough workout these days. One of my favourite meals is this recipe – baked sausages wrapped in bacon. It’s sooo easy – it takes just 5 minutes to prepare – and so tasty.

Teriyaki salmon and fresh mango salsa

This fresh, summery salsa goes extremely well with salmon in this delicious teriyaki recipe. Serves 2 Prep: 10 minsCooking: 20 mins Ingredients For the teriyaki salmon:  ¼ cup (60ml) water  1 teaspoon cornflour  2 tablespoons tamari sauce 2 tablespoons honey  ½ tablespoon fish sauce  ½ tablespoon ground ginger  ½ tablespoon garlic powder  ½ tablespoon chilli […]

Weeknight meal: Fried rice

Try this delicious meal from Cassandra Fenaughty’s new book, Wholesome Food for Busy Parents. It’s great for busy weeknights.

Weeknight Meal: Curried pineapple chicken

This meal is so easy to prepare and cook. And it’s delicious. I had friends over for a taste test and it received a “It’s beautiful”.

5-day meal plan + shopping list

Save yourself some time and lessen the stress of weeknight dinners: download our free weeknight dinner plan for 5 meals plus shopping list.

16 Crazy-Easy Weeknight Meals

Need a super quick weeknight meal option? We’ve got 16 of them for you! Download our FREE recipes to make your life that little bit easier.

Weeknight Meal: Thai basil chicken

This weeknight meal is super quick to prepare (less than 20 minutes) and chock-full of tastebud delights.