Super easy DIY pincushions

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Pincushion DIY 2
Here are two very cute ideas for making pincushions using items you may very well have in your cupboard.

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First up, we love the clever way in which Yumiko Higuchi has created her pincushion within the lid of a glass jar. You take it off when using it, then keep it tucked away when not in use. At the same time you can easily see the collection of buttons or threads within the jar that you have accumulated. So clever!

If you click through to this site here you’ll find a nifty crochet sphere calculator which provides you with a pattern for a crochet ball in whichever size you want.

For those who’d prefer to watch a video, we found this great tutorial, created by Crochet Geek, for you to follow.

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Our own cupcake pincushion (pictured right) is made using an old fluted cupcake tin. If you don’t have one, you might be able to find one at a thrift store or op shop.

The technique for creating this pincushion is similar to that of the framed pincushion we showcased in an earlier post.

Cut a circle out of your favourite fabric, place some stuffing in the centre, fold the edges of the fabric together to form a ball shape, then either hand stitch the fabric at the bottom or use a rubber band to bring it together. Very simple.

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