Make bow-tie pasta

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Make-bow-tie-pastaYou can buy shop-bought pasta, or you can make your own colourful version to impress family and friends.

We’re a great fan of homemade pasta – it tastes so much better than the dried, shop-bought pasta. Though there is a place in the home, we reckon, for the shop-bought variety.

But for something special, why not make your own fresh pasta?

Matt, from Pasta Recipes Made Easy, has it down pat and shows us how to make bow-tie pasta in this video.

And if you visit David Leite’s website, you’ll learn just how to colour your pasta. You can use spinach, beetroot, tomato, black squid ink, and saffron, among other things, for colouring.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy-as.

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