Brother sewing machine giveaway

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Brother-giveawayThe countdown to Christmas is on, and we have the ultimate gift for you, a friend or a loved one – a Brother L14 sewing machine, valued at $179. Enter the draw below, and one lucky person will win one!

Brother’s L14 sewing machine is exceptionally easy to use, making it the perfect creative partner for those of you wanting to get crafty at home. There are 14 utility and decorative stitches built in and an automatic 4-step buttonhole maker in a compact, lightweight sewing machine.

The L14 also features a simple thread drop-in top bobbin and a brightly lit LED work area unheard of in this machine category.

Whether you want to make stylish clothes or craft a beautiful home décor project, Brother is at your side to help.

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  • WINNER: Debbie Snell


We have 1 x Brother L14, valued at $179.95, to give away.

To enter the draw to win one, simply post a comment below. You can simply say hello, if you like. Or tell us what you plan to make with your new sewing machine if you win. Good luck!

Competition open to NZ residents only.

Competition closes on 8th December, 2014.



  1. John Francis says

    A poncho

  2. Oooh I would love to get my sewing on with this lovely machine! I’ve missed sewing since my brother in law dropped my old machine and it only sews wonky now- not ideal! Fantastic competition guys 🙂

  3. Id love to make sone christmas stockings and linen firstly then some summer clothes for my grandchildren, pillowcase dresses for the wee girls and shorts and tees for the boys, pj’s for both

  4. Hi, lovely prize! Thanks forv a chance…………

  5. Vicky Marshall says

    Hello, what a neat machine! I’d sew some cushions out of my late grandmother’s teatowels. She collect them for years, from her penpals through the world. She never used them, so they are old but ‘new’. There are some neat ones there, and they’d make fab cushion covers…and I’d be thinking of her every time I sat on the couch 🙂

  6. Debbie Snell says

    Thank you for the chance to win. Very generous. 🙂

  7. hello 😀

  8. tracey bennett says

    love towin for my sister she loves retro stuff so she could make her own clothes with this

  9. My daughters 21st is coming up and instead of spending over $800 for marquee drapery Im going to make it myself with this sewing machine and 50 metres of organza.

  10. Amanda Prendergast says

    Would love this for my young daughter – she would love

  11. Sherry Collins says

    what a lovely machine, would love to win this for my special granddaughter.

  12. Fiona Cockerill-Ghanem says

    I’d love this for my 10 year old daughter!! She would love to start sewing on a machine!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  13. Damon Lewis says

    I will make elf hats. (and shoes)

  14. E. Buckingham says

    I would make my 2 year old daughter some new dresses with peter pan collars So hard to buy these days.

  15. I want to be able to make cushions with buttonholes! My current machine doesn’t have an automatic buttonhole stitch as it’s 50+ years old and I have never in 22 years of having it mastered a manual one. I’ve had to bypass so many patterns over the years and would just love the freedom to create whatever I liked.

  16. I need a new one mines stuffed but don’t have the money at the moment so this would really come in handy 🙂

  17. I have been making little dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World -my old machine is getting worn out !

  18. Haley Thompson says

    I really want to learn to sew!

  19. Sandy Butler says

    Hi.I would make new couch coverings for my comfy but faded couches.

  20. port a cot sheets as each cot seems to be a different size and only seem to get plain colours

  21. I would love this! I sew a lot, but i’ve got a crummy old vintage one that constantly needs attention so a new one would be super awesome!

  22. I would make me a dress. 🙂

  23. Sue Wallace-Buckland says

    My daughter is off to uni in the new year, would love her to have a new sewing machine to take with her.

  24. I would love a new sewing maching for Quilting! Replace my 25 year old machine

  25. Thank you SO, SO much for such a generous giveaway – I have my fingers and toes firmly crossed for the prize draw as a sewing machine has been on my wishlist for ages!!

  26. My sewing machine has just died – arghhhh! This would come in very handy 😀

  27. Tracy Henderson says

    My current machine is so old …………. not too far past the treadle!! Well, maybe not QUITE that old but almost. A new machine would certainly encourage me to make things for my two grand-daughters.

  28. Craig Kilpatrick says

    Id give this to my partner so she could learn to sew

  29. Sonia Wilson says

    Oh Brother, quite literally, a sewing machine
    There’s so much to do if I could just sew a seam
    Curtains and hemming and mending galore
    Hey even a draft stopper for under the door
    I’m glad the L 14 is so easy to use
    Lightweight and compact I like that too
    And great for crafts….guess what gifts santa will bring
    Why me and my Brother will make everything!

  30. What a great prize, it would come in handy for making custom shirts!

  31. Andrena VandenHeuvel says

    I would make some summer nighties for the hot summer coming up,hot nights where you toss & turn,can’t sleep!

  32. Awesome!

  33. Nicole Latham says

    I would sew some dress pants for my son for an upcoming wedding

  34. Shani McLean says

    This would be fantastic to make repairs and so I could get into making the kids original pieces of clothing!

  35. i would love this!

  36. Alison Cresswell says

    Some long overdue mending

  37. Jane McWhinnin says

    I would sew some curtains for my flat

  38. Lots of lovely bunting with my wee collection of doilies is the first thing I would make with this lovely machine!!

  39. Julie McDonald says

    lots to mend with three young kids 🙂

  40. David Morgan says

    Hopefully I won’t be doing any sewing but I know my partner would just love this for xmas.

  41. wow awesome i loved to sew, till my machine had its day, been ages since i have sewing now

  42. Would love to win!

  43. I have a lot of tops with puffy sleeves that have been given to me. These are awesome because they are longer, but I’d get rid of the sleeves!!

  44. My dear old sewing machine gave up the ghost recently so winning this would be utterly perfect!

  45. I haven’t sewn for a few years but now I have 5 small grandchildren that I would love to sew for.
    And it would be wonderful to create some craft projects on.

  46. The title of “Husband of the Year” would be all mine if I was to win this for my darling wife – here’s hoping!!!!

  47. Anthony Mason says

    Gave baking a go and loved it! Now for sewing….

  48. This groovy little machine would make the most perfect Christmas surprise for my dear old granny who can’t afford to update her archaic current one. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  49. I would make some cushions for my nursery

  50. It would be great to teach my granddaughters to sew!

  51. Cara Thompson says

    Oh wow…how cool would this be?!! I could finally stop going to my Mum’s everytime I needed to fix something :o) Her old Elna is almost twice my age & needs a really good rest haha 🙂 Thanks!!

  52. Nerena Lavine says

    I would love this so much so I could make beautiful dresses for my little girls and granddaughters.

  53. Sharee Sayers says

    I’d love to win this to give to my 12 year old daughter for Christmas. I’d love for her to learn to sew. It would be a fun thing for us to do together over the Christmas holidays.

  54. I love sewing! I’d give a lot of good use to this gorgeous machine.

  55. I would like to make something special – I have never sewed before and would like to learn.

  56. New curtains for my daughters bedroom

  57. Angela Biggar says

    I would learn to sew as I have never learnt – but quite possibly is a skill I should have!

  58. I would finish the Duvet I started 5 years ago!

  59. Would love to sew curtains and cushions- there are some great fabrics available

  60. Birgit Mayer says

    My daughter’s Christmas wish list appeared on the fridge today.
    Top of the list was a sewing machine! This would be a fantastic Christmas gift for her.

  61. Could start my new business!!!

  62. Davey Brown says

    Sweet Machine

  63. Hi, my machine has just broken making daughters dance costumes! so a brand new one will help me finish my Christmas sewing!

  64. Shelley Newbery says

    This would be an awesome Xmas gift, i planned to learn with my kids to sew in the holidays.

  65. Audrey Holyoake says

    My sons, ranging in age from 20-14 like custom made clothes….I love the fact that they want mum to make them!

  66. Lesley McIntosh says

    Love to make a patchwork quilt.

  67. Shell Wright says

    My 14 year old daughter would just LOVE this from Santa. I am absolutely no help when it comes to sewing – so this wonderful wee Gem would be perfect for both of us to learn some much needed sewing skills to help with the tight budget !

  68. Colourful shift dress for my niece!

  69. Cindy DeSpain says

    Oh I would replace my grandma machine! It is at least 50 years old. Maybe I would sew better. NOT

  70. I would love to win this sewing machine, I need the practice!!

  71. Would be lovely to own a sewing machine. I want to teach my daughter sewing as she is a craft freek as well.

  72. there is so much I want to do, but firstly I really want to sew my
    granddaughter a dress, a pretty one she has asked for.

  73. I would love to win this!

  74. Hi. Thank you for the fantastic information and craft ideas that you send out to us. I have learnt so many crafts. Love it. Keep it up. And i would love to win the sewing machine. I could make so much with it.

  75. Chris Braybrook says

    I would dearly love to win this amazing Brother sewing machine to help me make some great summer skirts to wear down at the beach.

  76. Oh what I could make with a new sewing machine.
    My crafting stopped when my Bernina went to heaven – I really miss my sewing xx

  77. Rebekah Taylor says

    I would absolutely gift mine to my daughter so she can stop stealing mine (or maybe I will keep it and give her my old one!!)… yes.. thats a better idea!

  78. this will be good to take to classes.. and also for the great-granddaughter….thank you for a lot of good read and useful hints and tips

  79. have just had my earthquake repairs done so I would make new curtains!

  80. jose knipping says

    I would love a new sewing machine.

  81. Probably pillow cases, it’s the only thing i know how to sew lol

  82. Alana Moore says

    I would give mine to my daughter. She would just love this. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  83. marilyn corbishley says

    I would make my 4 little grandies some new clothes for christmas. Dresses for the girls, and shirts for the boys…..

  84. My wife would love this. She is right into making clothes for all the children in our extended family

  85. I would use it to hem pants; they’re always too long on me, and I hate having to pay exorbitant prices to have them taken up! Seems like it would be so simple to do myself

  86. Imagine not having to send clothes somewhere else to be mended or to quickly whip up a wee gift for someone.The kids could watch me make clothes and lots of exciting things and then I could teach them to sew.

  87. One of these would be awesome and the first thing I would make is a summer dress.

  88. Would love this! I haven’t been able to replace mine that broke down a long time ago. Would love to teach my daughter to sew.

  89. Yvonne Dette says

    I’m currently sewing heaps of Barbie doll outfits and other dolls clothes but my machine is playing up – I’m a grandmother and I just love to sew and knit. I find it relaxing and keeps my mind happy… I give away the dolls outfits…

  90. Yes please, have lost my sewing machine so would be great to get handy again!

  91. Cant wait to get my hands on this wahahahaha.

  92. I would give this great prize to a daughter-in-law as I know how much she will enjoy making things for and with her children.

  93. Hi – This would be marvellous to win – a couple of months ago I was making a top on my machine for someone else. I stopped, got up to get a pair of scissors at the other end of the table and my machine went berserk and started sewing by itself. I turned the power off but when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t go. I’ve got material and a lot of ideas what I need to sew but no sewing machine to get creative on.

  94. I think this would be the perfect entry machine for my daughter, if I was fortunate enough to win it.

  95. I’d fix up all the clothes I’m reluctant to throw away. And some ovenmits like the ones I made in third form. Pretty sure I remember the pattern.

  96. Next project = duffel bag.

  97. Pillow cases! I have had some brought for me but they are not my style so I would love to have a go at making some that suit my lounge suite better.

  98. Joanne Curry says

    Awesome prize, it would be great to have a sewing machine 🙂

  99. I used to make scrunchies on my mums sewing machine as a kid! was alot of fun. Id love to own my own, i tend to need alot of alterations to hems and seams in my clothes, so would be great to learn to do it myself 🙂

  100. Thanks for the great competition, our family would love to win this Brother sewing machine

  101. Gill Jackson says

    Bunting and cushion covers

  102. I would love to give this to my daughter so she can learn to sew

  103. This would be fantastic for my daughter to make her own clothes, future fashion designer in the making.

  104. I would so love a new sewing machine. My daughter destroyed mine : ( and we both enjoy sewing our own clothes etc

  105. Fenella Croad says

    Would love to win this and give it to my mum, her machine is on it’s way out and she could really use a new one.

  106. Wo to Go and Sew. Thanks

  107. Leah Thornton says

    What a fab competition!

  108. I will keep calm and sew on, of course. Thanks SLM!

  109. I would get husband of the year if I won this for my wife.

  110. Kathy White says

    hi – I’d love a machine for my daughter who has just turned 11. she’s really into making stuff
    and loves doing crafty things! this looks like a fabulous machine for a beginner sewer.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  111. I would give this to my Mum. Her sewing machine is so old and I would love to see her with something new and easy to use 🙂

  112. My 46 year old Elna has just died. I feel like a part of me is missing without a sewing machine. With a new machine i could once again spend time doing what I love, sewing and creating gifts for all my family.

  113. leonie darling says

    never owned a sewing machine but would like to win this for my sister who sews,thanks

  114. I’d love to make some blackout curtains so my bubba would get more sleep!

  115. Krissie Kett says

    I would bring all the dress ups home from creche and fix them up all neat and tidy looking. Add a few more embellishments as I gain confidence and try my hand and sewing a few new ones! Exciting thanks for the change to win 🙂

  116. I would love to be able to get over my irrational fear of sewing in a zip! I’d also love to be able to learn to sew properly so I can pass on this craft to my wee girl.

  117. Noelene Johnstone says

    I would definitely use it to make repairs on my family’s clothing, as a way of saving some money. My Daughter would also make use of it to design and alter her own clothes.

  118. Caitlin Smart says

    I think I would give this to my nana for Christmas, she loves sewing but her machine is getting a bit old

  119. Paula Ann Signal says

    Kia ora, I would make a grand set of Superhero capes for kindy!

  120. mum would love this her old singer sewing machine has finally die would love to to be able to sew again

  121. I would make a quilt if lucky enough to win. 🙂

  122. It’s for my daughter. She has just had her first child and is busy hand sewing decorations and pretties for his room. A machine would be fab for her.

  123. Would love this for my daughter, her old second-hand went puff-fizzt last time it was used (by me!)

  124. Ahhhhh would love this for my mum!

  125. Mums sewing machine was stolen during a burglary 3 weeks ago. I would love to be able to give her a new one for christmas

  126. Pretty please 🙂

  127. Amber Johnson says

    I would so love this!

  128. Great prize! We’d sew more quilts!

  129. This would be a great present as I am thinking of making infant clothes for my newborn.

  130. I have a huge pile of mending that needs my attention and also a heap of brownie and scout badges that my children need to sew on their shirts. This would be fantastic! Cheers.

  131. Mending would be the top of my list

  132. Yes please, I would love to win this!

  133. My mum and Nana are always making me clothes with their sewing machines, they have since I was young. So I’d love to make something for both of them!

  134. my daughter would simply love this!

  135. Sandra Young says

    Great prize!

  136. Holly Wiseman says

    Hi 🙂
    I just purchased some feather cushion inners for a new sofa that i’m desperate to make some awesome covers for. I reckon that would give this new sewing machine a good work out 🙂

  137. rachel henley says

    I would love to make some clothes for my daughter!

  138. I would love to make my 16 month daughter her first duvet =]

  139. Aleisha Tanner says

    Hello Lovelies, I would love to say thank you for all the amazing recipes you have I have wanted to get into sewing for a while now but having the money to get one has been hard with your every day struggles. This would be an amazing prize and I would be able to finally put some of your DIY tips to the trick 😀

  140. Kimberley Morris says

    I would love to learn how to sew.

  141. Jane Hawkes says

    Kids dress up. Have a great flower costume I would love to make

  142. I would use it to alter the length of all my pants – I’m too short!

  143. What a great prize, just in time for Christmas

  144. I would love to have my three girls learn to sew!

  145. Hi!!! I Am new to this site and think i found something fabulous!! Where have i been?! Seriously!!
    I would so love to win this… i have been itching to make my daughter Abigail who is 19months old a few dresses and things… I just don’t have a machine and i am new to it all!! This would be such a great Christmas Prezzie!!

  146. Kayla Boland says

    I’d love to make myself a bunch of circle skirts and dresses 😀

  147. Kalindi ADahya says

    I would love to get back into sewing. I was pretty good at it at intermediate 🙂

  148. Adrienne Lindsay says

    I would love to get some of my art printed and make some cushion covers.

  149. hello…I would like to change the world.

  150. wow what a perfect prize, i would love to win so i could make repairs to my husbands farm clothes rather than throwing them out and buying more

  151. Jess Mathieson says

    I just want to learn to sew! Too scared to buy a machine in case I’m useless..

  152. Hello, hello, hello. Such a great prize to win.

  153. shelly white says

    great giveway

  154. Carol Marriott says

    My sewing machine is struggling to mend, a replacement would be a dream come truei.
    Happy Christmas everybody.

  155. What a cool competition! Would love to start sewing my own clothing and things.

  156. I would really love to learn to sew properly as I want to make some pj lounge pants for the kids and maybe me too 🙂

  157. Sarah Calder says

    Hi, I have “borrowed” my mother’s sewing machine for the past 12 years. Would love to give it back to her and use my own! Would use up my stash of quilting fabrics to make gifts for friends and family.

  158. My machine eats the material so I haven’t sewn for years. I would love to be able to shorten all my Slim Jim boy’s pants to shorts this season… there are just about 3/4 pants on him already.

  159. Would love this for my teenage daughter. She has used my ancient (her words!) sewing machine for the last three years for textile/design at high school. She has done so well I would love to give her one of her own.

  160. Lizzie Barnett says

    I’m entering for my lovely friend Sisi who makes lovely creations for her kids but needs a new machine!

  161. I would like to make a really awesome bed canopy for my daughter who loves Paris. I have some sheer material with the Eiffel tower on it but am currently trying to stitch it by hand and it is so hard I dont think I will be done before Christmas.

  162. Sarah Rigden says

    Need one since im moving away from mum!

  163. I would love make a 50’s rockabilly dress

  164. Oh yes please this would be amazing!!

  165. Colleen S. Johnson says

    If I owned this sewing machine, I would make myself some dressy clothes to wear and go out with my husband some place nice.

  166. I would love to learn to sew. It’s been on my ‘learn to do’ list for ages so actually having a sewing machine would be a good start!

  167. Sue Chadwick says


  168. I would love to give this to my 8 year old daughter. She is really crafty and likes designing clothes. She likes dressing up and has her own style. She has sketched some clothes designs into her scrap book.

  169. would love to win this, the last time I used a sewing machine was making a caftan at intermediate school a loooong time ago. would love to get crafty and start making things on this sewing machine

  170. Kris van de Water says

    Would love this! My sewing machine no longer wishes to work

  171. Ashleigh Kate says

    I would love to win this, so i can make my own clothes and other things. Its also a pain having to sew any rips in clothes etc with a needle and thread so this would be absolutely amazing!

  172. Jenny Waghorn says

    The sewing machine I have is old and unreliable now. I do a lot of sewing and yes I mend all our clothes with it. A new sewing machine would be a real bonus.

  173. if i win the brother sewing machine im going to make curtains for our van ready to go camping this summer! cant wait!

  174. I would love to make my daughter some unique clothes and toys!! 🙂

  175. It would be awesome to win this for my fiancé for her xmas present

  176. a sleeping bag

  177. Mum will do the sewing. I will gift it to her

  178. Dress ups for my kids!

  179. I would finally be able to fix all the rips in my mans overalls instead of having to wait for the mother in law to visit!

  180. Philippa Wells says

    I would love to make a big patchwork bedspread

  181. Karyn Lasei says

    A maxi dress for the summer! 🙂

  182. What awesome patterns on the machine!

  183. I would make summer dresses and maybe costumes for cosplay

  184. I miss sewing so much, since I moved away from my parents i don’t have my own machine, i used to sew coats and i made some cool sponge bob pjs etc 😛

  185. I would make skirts for my kids 🙂

  186. I will make some cushion covers for our living room. I can’t One that I really like or when I do, they are just too expensive.

  187. I would love to start mending again

  188. Would love a sewing machine that works!

  189. Hello!

  190. karen walker says

    what a great site – how have I missed it til now . lots of unfinished craft projects that would benefit from this machine

  191. Shirley Wall says

    Create own furnishings for my place – cushions, throws, covers. Oooh soo exciting to win a sewing machine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  192. Sandra mason says

    Would make a dress I promised to make for my daughter

  193. Amanda Darrall says

    Would love to win this for my son who has taken a real liking to sewing at school this year

  194. Kristy Yarrow says

    I would actually love to give this to my nana! =)

  195. kathleen tanner says

    I would take up a passion of crafting

  196. Hoping to win for my daughter

  197. Carolyn Miller says

    I would love to do more sewing, I borrowed a friends machine recently and surprised myself at how good my first project turned out. I would love to have my own machine to do more! 🙂

  198. gift it to my AUnt she is an avid seamstress but her machine is prehistoric and she hasn’t had the funds to upgrade so this would make her christmas the best ever!

  199. Andrea Dunbar says

    I’d like to win this as I am a single mum, and feel it will be cheaper to make clothes and stuff instead of buying.

  200. Tracey Carroll says

    Hello. I have not been a sewer in the past, but would like to try and make some unique clothing.

  201. Cath Arnold says

    I have been wanting one for years but whenever I’ve almost got the savings for it something comes up. Either one of the cats gets hurt or we have to do a Hamilton Hospital run or the car needs tyres. You know how it is. This really would be great!

  202. Hello

  203. Chris Edwards-Munroe says

    I would like to finish off my quilting projects.

  204. Wonderful prize, I want to make curtains

  205. andrew llewellyn says

    Something simple 🙂

  206. I would want to make my very own cushion covers

  207. I have been glueing clothes for years,,, would be fab to have a machine instead of bostik

  208. I would love to give this to my lovely mum who makes gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits 🙂

  209. I would love to win this for my sister.

  210. Ellen Ansell says

    Great promotion !

  211. Melanie Locum says

    I would love to win – takes me back to my youth when I sewed!

  212. Lauren Cranswick says

    A cot set for baby

  213. Samantha Saia says

    Hello and thank you for giving me this opportunity to write down why i want to win this stunning sewing machine, well i want to win it because it would be alot easier to sew me and my kids clothes and sew the clothes that i have been designing, i rather sew my own clothes rather let someone else do it and pay extra which cost alot.

    Thank you. 🙂

  214. Kristie Irvine says

    Hi would be a great prize to win for my mum:)

  215. Heather Mattock says

    This would be cool to win, then I would no longer have to borrow my mum’s

  216. Hi, Would be awesome to win this, and have my own sewing machine 🙂

  217. Maharaata William says

    Hi.Would love to win this to sew up some tote bags and other creative projects I have been wanting to try out.:)

  218. Katie Moore says

    I would love to win this sewing machine so that I can take up my own jeans, fix shirts when the stitching comes undone and make my own clothes!

  219. Karina Maritz says

    I would love to win this machine. Moving to NZ I had to leave mine behind. With this machine you can basically do anything. Quickly fix the seem, or a zip, or make a pillow, or make that dress that fits you perfectly. I can then teach my 13 year old girl how to be handy with sewing.

  220. Donna MacRae says

    a xmas table runner would be fun

  221. Robert Parkin says


  222. Lyn Skudder says

    I would love to win this machine. I have been hand sewing everything, including putting in zips, and it’s not fun any more!

  223. Elizabeth Beaton says

    A privacy cover for nursing

  224. Colleen Hurley says

    Would love to be able to sew some curtains

  225. I would love to learn how to sew and also teach others. I have always dreamed of being a fashion designer and winning this would be a step forward to becoming one!!


  226. Angela Carlos says

    I’d like to give my mum one for Christmas because she has always wanted a sewing machine to bring out the inner fashion designer in her but has never been able to afford one

  227. Daniel Anderson says

    That would be very handy

  228. I would make cushions!!

  229. I fancy learning how to use a sewing machine. I guess I would start with something simple like pillow cases.

  230. I would love to use this to make curtains and cushions for my sons room. For every dress up costume he will ever need. For some new clothes for myself and friends. To have a creative outlet again.

  231. I’m not at all creative, but I’d love to win this so I could do patches and repairs on my clothes. Maybe I’ll work up to actually making things as it sounds a really easy machine to use.

  232. Fiona Ludlow says

    Would make a great christmas pressie!

  233. Ange Beaumont says

    If I had this machine I think I would whip up some new cushions 🙂

  234. Lesley Ruki-Willison says

    Winning this machine would be totally “Sweet” – have so many ideas and projects, just not the essential tools. Hand sewing is so over-rated!
    Thanks for the “Sweet” opportunity 🙂

  235. Would out a big smile on my grandmothers face to receive this on xmas day.

  236. This is just what I need with my first child due in 2 months – need to get the wee one some clothes and blankets ready.

  237. Wow, what a great gift – one that would definitely be well received in our home this Christmas.

  238. awesome

  239. Would love to sew my horses something nice

  240. Kate Nisbet says

    Ohhhh wonderful!! I’ve always wanted a sewing machine!!!! I’d make a patchwork quilt for my new baby niece (first time Aunty here!!).

  241. Jacquietta Mcnabb says

    I’d sew small heart shaped bags to fill with dried lavendar heads for the ladies who live in the dementia unit near my home.

  242. i want to win this for my mum, she is amazing and deserves an amazing xmas present! please pick me

    peace out

  243. Rebekah Fraser says

    This would be fantastic for me to make goodies for my babies 🙂

  244. Tony Mudgway says


  245. well hello there what a little beauty! fingers X! 🙂

  246. A cot quilt for my new grandbaby 🙂

  247. hello, and thanx for the opportunity

  248. This would be awesome!

  249. Karla Byrnes says

    Would love this for my mum….I can’t sew to save myself but she is determined to teach my girls so they dont suffer the same fate

  250. Would like to create some new stuff. This will be a great help.

  251. I’d like a little Brother, please. 🙂

  252. Katrina Gray says

    just what I need

  253. Michelle Brighton says

    Ooooh what a lovely prize! I have been wanting a sewing machine for ages (so I can learn to sew!) The first thing I would try is some covers for my dining room chairs, they are in need of a makeover.

  254. phil smathers says

    ima make me some pants!

  255. Aimee Smith says

    Would love to make some funky cushion covers to ease myself into sewing before trying something a little more ambitious!

  256. Karla Martin says

    I would make some doggy clothes

  257. Rachel Henderson says

    love to win this for my daughter

  258. Bonnie Elder says

    This would make a great Christmas present for my daughter.

  259. Jess Arnold says

    I would like to win this for my Mum, she now has 10 grandchildren with another on the way so the sewing machine would be put to good use 🙂

  260. Hello lovely people, good luck to everyone.

  261. Would love to make some bunting from my children’s old clothes.

  262. It would be great to win, thank you for the opportunity!

  263. make a cute doggie jumper for my pet!! 🙂

  264. I’d love to make a dress for myself!

  265. Hi! I would love to have this lovely machine. I sew for the widows and others who have arthritis in my church. I thank you for the chance to win.

  266. need to finish off all my projects! the list goes on and on:)

  267. I would make my daughter some nice summer outfits with it 🙂

  268. My daughter is showing a keen interest in making clothes for her teddy bears so that would be first on the list :-).

  269. karen morphus says

    I would make beautiful little dresses for my grandgirls

  270. Would love to win this sewing machine. Haven’t had one in years since my son tried to use mine many moons ago and did something to the needle. Have wanted to get another one to sew grandchildrens clothes on but have never got around to it. This would be a wonderful prize to win.

  271. Kelsi Hodgson says

    This would be so handy for the amount of hemming I need to do!

  272. i would make a whole bunch of sweet things for my wee baby boy and venture out and go fabric shopping to celebrate. 🙂

  273. Gina Jones says

    When me and my sister were little girls, mum made us matching quiltwork blankets. Ive always wanted to make one for my little boy 😀

  274. Carla Tipler says

    Hello, being able to sew is a skill I would love to learn. In fact, it was on my list of resolutions for this year? Maybe 2015 eh?

  275. Judy Thomas says

    I would love to make my Great Great Niece a cot quilt 🙂

  276. Georgina Roberts says

    This would be the most AMAZING christmas gift for my mum 🙂

  277. Heidi Kirk says

    Clothes for the grandchildren.

  278. JILL AUTRIDGE says

    I have just put away my winter clothes and brought out the summer gear! I have a bag of clothing that needs repairing and re-hashing – and I need a sewing machine to do it! Here’s hoping! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! J:)

  279. Terri-Anne Matthews says

    My old sewing machine is getting very temperamental and I would love to teach my daughter to sew.

  280. I would love to make everyone homemade Christmas gifts with this!

  281. Christmas stockings

  282. Socks and beanies for all

  283. Krystyna Fajkiel says

    This is just an amazing magazine. So clever and beautiful, thank you. Would love to win the sewing machine .

  284. I would make a dress up for my daughter – she loves the FROZEN dresses and I would also make more Calico dolls for Starship Hospital.

  285. Natalie Jones says

    I would like to make a handbag

  286. Yes please, thank you.

  287. Carol Marriott says

    I am starting to learn quilting, this machine would help, my old one can only mend clothes, barely. Merry Christmas everyone.

  288. I would love to win this as a Christmas gift for my mum.

  289. Would love a chance to win!

  290. Michaela Rose says

    I’m a broke uni student so I can’t afford much for presents this year. I would love this to create my own DIY presents to gift to my family/friends – Happy holidays x

  291. Janet Clifford says

    Sewing machines get cleverer and cleverer – would love to see all this one’s talents

  292. lisa williams says

    I want to make some curtains and cushion covers for my house as can’t afford to buy.

  293. Connie Lam says

    Lots of repairs I would like to get done, but I would also like to learn to sew a French-style apron. I think it would make my cooking times more fun!

  294. My sewing machine is 50 years old – I would love to have a new one to sew for my granddaughters and teach them to sew.

  295. jamie gibbs says

    new curtains for my campervan

  296. Ella Leilua-Hoeflich says

    I would make a lot of things. Harem pants, a T-shirt quilt and pillowcases.

  297. A present for my mother to replace her very old one – my brother just recently got married so we’re thinking there will be grandchildren on the way soon……

  298. im going to make a cloth growth chart for our granddaughter.

  299. Planning on giving it to my Dad who does all our repairs for us. I can’t sew, but he can!

  300. Summer clothes for my 5 daughters

  301. hello!

  302. merry xmas

  303. liana hughes says

    a cardigan

  304. Garry G Mediratta says

    Me, my dear wife and kids got lots of clothes which needs help from all different places. Pleas this would be a great help. (CROSS FINGERS)

  305. Georgia Brown says

    I would make a summer dress that i can wear to the beach 🙂

  306. love this xo

  307. need to start sewing again definatley

  308. Just in time for the Great British Sewing Bee too!

  309. With 5 grandchildren one living with us there is lots to make first of all some waterproof pants for my grandson who is learning to walk and into everything .

  310. Anne Mansfield says

    Love to win this so i can start sewing again. my old machine is very heavy!

  311. khalid abouzed says

    a hijab

  312. for my mum

  313. Julie Callagher says

    I would learn to sew and sew some toys with my daughter

  314. I’d like to make some crafty things that I can share to my families and friends.

  315. With four boys going through endless clothes and making rips in everything! This would be the perfect addition to our house!!!

  316. A superhero cape!!

  317. I want to stitch up a plan to make 2015 agood year.I would be in stitches if I won this prize.

  318. Lisa Dowson says

    Hi, What a lovely prize. I’ve been angling for a sewing machine for an age now, I have some fiddly repairs that need a machine and have some awesome ideas for kids things that I’m dying to get started with. Would love to win this!

  319. nice prize!

  320. I would love to have a chance to learn to alter clothes I get as hand me downs for the kids and myself from the oppie!

  321. One of my goals in life is to be able to sew!

  322. I would give to my daughter to make all the gorgeous ideas clothes she has sketched in her notebook all year and not had a machine to make them on, her mind is always whirring away creating

  323. I used to sew all the time with my Mum, would love to be able to get back into it. It always felt so therapeutic.

  324. Would love to win this for my mum as she does heaps of sewing

  325. Aprons

  326. I would LOVE to be able to alter my own clothing

  327. I would LOVE to win this for my nearly 8 year old daughter so we can sew side by side 🙂

  328. mary gordon says


  329. I would love to win this for my sister, she is starting out again back home in NZ after losing almost everything at mother natures whim

  330. Matt Thoresen says

    My partner loves sewing so this would be a great gift for her

  331. Tessa Schutte says

    If I won it, it would be a wonderful update to an old Bernina sewing machine that I have been using for the last 45 years. Maybe I could sew some lovely much needed new curtains for my sitting room!

  332. Mittens and a beanie

  333. I’d sew up some new drapes

  334. Would love to win this so I can make some kids clothes for my children.

  335. I am not a sewer (the only thing I ever sewed was an A line wrap around skirt at Intermediate in 1977). I have always been very envious of my friends who can sew. With my 8 year old daughter showing an interest in sewing – I guess it has just dawned on me that your never too old to learn, and that it is something we could learn together. I think the first thing that we make would have to be quite a simple project 😉

  336. Tracey Pinny says

    Hello, this would be fab for my daughter who has learnt how to sew but doesnt have a machine yet.

  337. To hem jeans

  338. ryder taihia says

    omg so neat! i would love to win one of these so i can gift it to my grandma who loves to sew! she deserves something like this as she still uses her same old one which is over 60 years old lol, please pick me 🙂

  339. I would make my two little boys superhero costumes – which I know would delight them! (and me that I could accomplish it!)

  340. My grandson needs waterproof pants hes into everything learning to walk then my grandughters need dresses and I have a blanket that needs putting togther of my late mother in laws would love this my machine died after years of use.

  341. If i win im going to sew some new Christmas decorations for my whanau

  342. christine w says

    love to win this to make clothes for my princess.

  343. My daughter (12) is taking Fashion textiles for college next year, Shes really keen on sewing/crafts/and helping her two younger sisters (7 & 8) design clothes and crafts, I think winning this sewing machine could hopefully spark a potential NZ designer label. and help pave the way to further her education in one of her favorite departments, She currently uses her great grand mother hand operated sewing machine. ALSO SHE WILL BE ABLE TO SEW THE HOLES IN MY PANTS ALLOT QUICKER 🙂

  344. I would love to win this! 🙂

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