Homemade herb cheeses

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Homemade-herbal-cheeseDonna Lee from Cottage Hill Herbs dishes up homemade yoghurt cheeses.

Serve these delicious cheeses with bread or crackers, or in salads. Use fresh thyme, or any other fresh herb available to you.

cheese-making1. Beat ½ teaspoon of Himalayan salt into 4 cups of plain acidophilus yoghurt. When creamy, pour into butter muslin over a strainer. Gather the ends of cloth – tie together and hang in a cool place for 48 hours.

2. Unwrap the curds and roll into small rounds, then roll in fresh thyme leaves.

3. Place the rolled cheeses in small jars and cover with cold pressed olive oil. You may add chillies, dried peppers, dried tomatoes or garlic to the oil. Leave the cheese in the oil for at least three weeks, though it will keep for months.

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