Giveaway: Flatto Peach and Nectarine trees

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Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Bonnet’, Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Cap’ and Flatto Nectarine ‘Button Bright’ are three new fruit tree varieties – and we have two prize packs of each tree (that’s three fruit trees per prize pack) to give away, courtesy of our fabulous friends at Waimea Nurseries. Never tried a Flatto fruit before? Here’s a rundown on each variety.

Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Bonnet’ produces large crops of sweet, tasty, yellow-fleshed fruit in early to mid February. And because they’re ‘flat’ the fruit can easily be added to your kids’ lunch boxes without getting squished (the same goes for the other two varieties). The stone is easily removed too – just push the centre of the fruit and it pops out. How clever is that?!

Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Cap’ is a white-fleshed variety with excellent flavour. It’s delicious when eaten crunchy and equally tasty when left to soften slightly. Fruit ripens from late January to mid February.

Flatto Nectarine ‘Button Bright’ is the first nectarine in the Flatto range, its yellow-fleshed fruit produced mid to late February. It’s deliciously sweet and tasty; both kids and adults will love it.

Grown exclusively by Waimea Nurseries, Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Bonnet’, Flatto Peach ‘Sweet Cap’ and Flatto Nectarine ‘Button Bright’ are available from garden retailers nationwide.

To ENTER THE DRAW TO WIN ONE OF 2 PRIZE PACKS, simply post a comment below. Anything will do. You can just say hello, if you like. Or you can tell us your best thrifty tip for the home or garden.



Kirsty Greenwood of Invercargill

Rochelle Laurence of Whangarei



  1. these sound interesting for sure!

  2. I just love flatto peaches.. they so rock.. great for the lunchbox (or the office drawer) would love to be in to win this prize 🙂

    have a fab day

  3. Shirley Hastings says

    These trees will look great growing in sunny Central Hawkes Bay!

  4. These look great, would love to try them!

  5. Nikki Hofmann says

    Any one of these trees would make an awesome addition to my young nursery in Cheviot, Nth Canterbury 🙂

  6. Am currently trying to start a vege and fruit patch but with being a stay at home mummy – which I adore – my handsome hubbies wage doesn’t quite cover the fruit trees side of it 🙁 Would LOVE to win some trees for our garden and be able to feed our kids with fresh fruit from the garden – YUM!!!

  7. My in-home care kids would love been able to go outside and pick their own fruit from trees we have nurtured and watch grow.

  8. I tried the flatto last summer, loved it and saved the stones to try to grow one myself, none of them sprouted though so i’d love a tree

  9. What a lovely giveaway.I have started planting fruit in my gardenand am helping my daughter start her first food garden.These Flatto peaches look as if they would fit in a lunchbox or travel much easier.

  10. Oh my! These looks so delish! And love the fact the stone pops out- for quick stewing and bottling yum! I really want to make my first peach/ nectarine jam this year before the season is totally over! Would LOVE these trees in my garden- the chookies would love the windfallen ones which drop too! Great giveaway! Rosie x

  11. We love the flatto peaches and would love to try the flatto nectarines. I would to have these trees in my garden.

  12. I am sure everyone would like these fruit trees in their gardens,so good luck to you all.

  13. carolyn abraham says

    hi these trees would b great in my backyard

  14. We live in the perfect area to successfully grow either of these varieties, and the results would certainly be quite different from the “norm”!

  15. Oh man perfect!!! These would go great with my baby Dark Plum tree!!! Mmmmm Flatto

  16. my folks would love these for their garden

  17. We have decided that anything new that we plant in our garden must produce fruit (or veggies) otherwise it cannot be planted – these would be a great addition!

  18. I just bought a new house that is crying out for some fruit trees! Would love to give these a go.

  19. pruedence simpson says

    I would love some fruit trees to add to my vege garden 🙂

  20. just brought a house with a large backyard. Would love to win one of these packs to start off our mini orchard

  21. thank you for giving us a chance to win a peach or nectarine tree 🙂

  22. Nardia Cooper says

    A tree is always a great gift, one that feeds you is even better, three free would bring a smile to anyone’s face 🙂

  23. Janine Forrester-Vale says

    Great website, We enjoy growing most of our fruit and veges on our 823 square meter property, have also fattened 2 pigs and a lamb on it previously. We now just grow edible trees and plants and collect eggs from 8 of our ten hens, and fish as regularly as we can.

  24. Yum!!

  25. Really??? Never seen or heard of flatto peaches or nectarines. Quite obviously I just haven’t lived! Two of my favourite fruit – flatto-ed 🙂 Please enter me to win! x

  26. Love the way they look and taste. Unique:)

  27. Use small laundry baskets for harvesting your produce. Poke a few small drain holes in the bottom of the basket, and you can even hose off the produce outside. Let them drain in the baskets, and save yourself from having to do the clean-up in the kitchen!

  28. Never tried flatto fruit before, what better way than growing your own! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  29. Would love to plant these fruit trees in our garden 🙂

  30. These look great, just pulled out an apple tree these would look great in its place.

  31. Rochelle Laurence says

    Hi – can’t wait to taste the nectarine ones – have the perfect back yard to put these little gems in – thanks for the chance to win some.



  32. Cute tree

  33. Love the magazine so readable. Please enter me to win the trees. Would love those in our garden. The grandchildren would love picking fresh fruit when they come to nana and grandads.

  34. Kelly Roczniak says

    Love a flatto peach! Great for lunch boxes!

  35. Pamela Reid says

    Peaches and nectarines are my favourite fruits. I would love to grow my own.

  36. Michelle West says


  37. Anthony Wadge says

    sounds perfect for my lunch box as well as my daughters!!!! not so much mess in the office 🙂

  38. Imiagine just picking them straight off the tree in the warm summer sun

  39. My two little boys are in love with our blueberry bush, I can only imagine their delight if we had some fruit trees to enjoy too!

  40. Thank you for giving me a chance to win.

  41. Yum would so love these for our garden.

  42. Hint -I use lace umbrellas from the $2 shop to keep white butterfly from my brassica plants.Love to win the trees.Thanks Raywyne.

  43. Clever fruit! Perfect for our lunchboxes, and I expect the pop-out stone ‘feature’ would be a huge hit with my daughter.

  44. Would love to have a garden full of trees like these that actually produce something useful – although the weeds are lovely in themselves of course 🙂

  45. I think I need to start my own orchard…the price of fruit is horrendus! The make it so hard for our families to eat healthy!

  46. Oooh! Yes please 🙂

  47. I have never tried Flatto Peaches but would love to grow my own. Love to win. Cheers

  48. Veronica Donaldson says

    Wow, never tried these before. they sound great. Would love to have a chance to win them, thanks.

  49. My family would love these. My wife has been after me to organise some fruit trees for ages, since I accidently killed off the Feijoas.

  50. Would love to win these. We only have an apple and feijoa tree at the moment, and after been raided by the family we definately need to stock up on our options.

  51. Would be great to see these interesting fruit on a tree!

  52. Yum! These trees would be an excellent addition to my garden.

  53. Anita Marija says

    Cannot think of anything better to add to our garden than fruit trees which will provide us with nourishment for years to come.

  54. The magazine sounds good.

  55. Love Peaches, especially Golden Queen but have never had a Flatto before. Delish!

  56. Sounds devine, I’d so love to try this variety.

  57. Yum I love fruit!

  58. What a great way to save money and keep healthy. Please put me in the draw. Thanks.

  59. Kay Young says


  60. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at raising fruit trees for ages now – this would be a perfect start!

  61. delicious and nutritious – please count me in!

  62. My last peach tree got an awful disease and had to be cut down – i’d love to try again.

  63. What a neat competition – thank you so much for giving us the chance to win! I found it really interesting reading about the different types of Flattos – I didn’t realise there were so many different varieties!

  64. Flatto’s Nom Nomm

  65. Thank you for giving me a chance.

  66. Awesome prize!

  67. Linda Travers says

    Just a tip for weeds in the lawn, sprinkle a small amount of table salt in the centre of each weed, burns out the root, weed gone and no nasty chemicals used, nice and cheap too! 🙂

  68. Caitlin Weston says

    YUM! Love flatto peaches and nectarines! Great prize!

  69. Gary Boxall-Hunt says

    Great comp to encourage family’s to grow their own food –

  70. yum!!! would love some nectarines in the garden 🙂

  71. Have small fruit trees at the moment and big hopes for them!

  72. I can never have enough summer fruit 🙂

  73. HI

  74. Debbie Clerke says

    Would love to try Flattos in Taupo !

  75. jackie keene says


  76. Save the dried pods from last year’s sweet peas, and you have squillions to use or give away for next year -people love free stuff! Would love to win flatto’s, thanks so much.

  77. Would love to add a peach to my small garden orchard!

  78. Yes please!! Would love these for my Northland garden.

  79. michele dunlop says

    DO they come as minatures?

  80. Chris Duthie says

    Pick me, pick me!

  81. Flatto peaches, what a treat that I would love to eat. Crazy looking fruit for sure…

  82. Mmmm… I am salivating at the thought of eating peaches & nectarines :o)

  83. Kim Hammond says

    Would be fantastic planted on our new lifestyle block 🙂

  84. Shelley Newbery says

    I would love to win this, I decided a year ago that I was not going to plant anything in my garden unless it produced food, so this will be a great addition to my growing back yard supermarket!

  85. Christine says

    What a lovely idea to have an on-line magazine, and such interesting articles, recipes, patterns etc Thankyou!

  86. Kim Lancaster says

    Fantastic prize!

  87. Cindy Kane says

    We love these – so tasty!

  88. jodi mclean says

    would love to plant some nice trees in my backyard 🙂

  89. Jodz Clarke says

    I’m new to gardening … would love to chuck these in my backyard … and definatly a huge hullo <3 have a fabulous weekend

  90. Liz Milner says

    These would look great in my backyard and my kids would LOVE them

  91. Hi! First time reader, would love to win a prize pack

  92. We rent so I can’t plant trees, but I’d love to donate them to my children’s school.

  93. Tanya Wicht says

    Fruit is always tastier when picked ripe and fresh off the tree. The savings made on home grown fruit makes fruit trees a great gift that keeps on giving too:-)

  94. Cheri Jordan says

    I havent tried any of these varietes yet but love peaches and nectarines! Would love to plant some in our new house we just moved into!

  95. These days it seems almost wrong to plant anything BUT a fruit tree. I have a personal goal to put in a small orchard on my property. The reluctant husband grumbled a bit, but so far he is loving the apples and feijoas. So, peaches would be nice ? Hmmmm?

  96. Kevin Clarke says

    Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything

  97. Leslie Whitehead says

    Hubby and i are just starting to plant up our orchard so Id to win Flatto Peach tree and a nectarine as homegrown fruit is much yummier that store bought fruit.

  98. Kelly Reichardt says

    I love flattos! And we are starting to plant veges in our wee garden, Id love a flatto tree to put in the backyard too!

  99. YES please! I’d love to enter 🙂

  100. Conor Roberts says

    The best thing about having a fruit tree at home is being able to share what you don’t need with friends and family.

  101. I have a tiny garden but it’s packed with fruit trees and these would make a great addition. I love turning the produce into gifts for friends and family

  102. blueberry says

    2 years ago I started my “orchard” with Dwarf fruit trees in very large plastic tubes and standard fruit trees, this year it has been such a pleasure to watch my 3 year old grand son just helping him self to fruit off the trees , he has had the choice of peach, nectarine, apples and now feijoa and next it will be fresh figs. I just need a few more fruit trees and 2 nut trees and I will be in heaven
    I have 2 worm farms so I have a ready supplie of free worm tea to feed my fruit trees

  103. These look good – would love them in my parents orchard

  104. Val Wilkinson says

    Love to win these. They are delicious.

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