10 most popular coffee beverages

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If there’s one drink of choice for folks all over the country, it’s got to be coffee. Whatever kind of way you have it, coffee beverages are consumed by millions upon millions of people around the world each and every day. 

Whether you make a cup at home, head to an independent coffee store, or you can’t get through your day without a Starbucks fix, there are some coffee beverages that are more popular than others. If you’re looking to try something new or just want a better idea of what’s out there, here are the top 10 most popular coffee drinks beloved by us all.


The americano is an Italian coffee often known as the ‘American coffee’. It’s a famous drink that’s created by diluting an espresso with boiling water. For those after a more robust, intense flavor than espresso, you’re best trying an americano. A cup of americano may have one-third espresso and two-thirds part boiling water. Although some coffee fans enjoy equaling the ratio. The choice is entirely up to you. However, you’ll find this coffee without any milk. This means those who like to add a dash of the stuff are better off looking at other coffee alternatives.


Ranking as the most common and popular coffee beverage of all, a latte is one you’re sure to know about. The Italian word ‘latte’ means ‘milk’. ‘Caffe latte’ literally translates as ‘coffee milk’. Latte may sound like cappuccino. However, it features more steamed milk and you’ll find a thin micro foam layer on top. If you aren’t a big fan of strong coffee, a latte is your best option. Cup & Bean can take you through the stages of how to make a latte if you fancy giving it a try. They also answer the question in more detail – what is a latte?

Café Au Lait

This coffee beverage comes from France. Café au lait is made with equal parts of steamed milk and French press coffee. You have the option to drink this coffee with or without milk foam on the surface. However, some shops can serve it with a thin foam. There’s a key difference between café au lait and latte. The latter is prepared with espresso whereas the former is prepared with regular coffee. What’s more, the taste of café au lait tends to have a weaker flavor and feature less caffeine. 

Cold Brew

For those after something a little edgy and unique, a cold brew is known for its trendy flavor. The coffee beans are soaked at room temperature or in a cold climate for no less than 12 hours. After this, baristas use these grinds to brew the perfect cold brew coffee. There’s no need for any heat to brew this tasty coffee flavor. When you take a sip, prepare to enjoy low acidic, smooth, and caffeinated flavors. The great thing about a cold brew is you can drink it with or without milk. Don’t confuse cold brew with an iced coffee. The latter is actually made with a classic drip coffee maker. Ice is then added to the mix. Here’s how to make it.


We keep referring to it, so of course, we have to include it in the list. If you were to think about the most popular coffee beverage in the world, espresso would surely stop the chat. You may already have a singular or double shot of the stuff already, considering it’s the base of many coffee staples. For espressos, the coffee beans are lightly roasted at high pressure with the help of boiling hot water. This keeps the coffee beans at a thicker density when compared to regular brewing. This allows the aroma, color, and richness of caffeine content to stay locked in the drink. There are potential health benefits from drinking espresso too. It may help in aiding your weight loss, improving your mood, and boost your mental focus.


If you want to get your caffeine fix but aren’t after anything hot, that’s totally cool! We bet you’ll like a frappuccino. This is a famous frozen coffee drink. What’s more, it doesn’t actually have to contain coffee! The common disparity with the name is that Starbucks uses Frappuccino worldwide, whereas the rest of the planet knows it as a frappe. You can find all kinds of frappes in coffee shops and restaurants all over the world. There are plenty of flavors to choose from too, including a wide range of fruits and yummy caramel. Frappes are blended with ice using an ice blender. Although, the method of actually brewing it will differ from vendor to vendor. If you’ve got your own machine at home, you can whip up your own tasty frappe without having to leave the front door!

Caffe Mocha

Café mocha is a widely known coffee that we had to put on the list. It’s generally a latte coffee, although features some additive flavors. Normally, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup is added to the coffee to give it the wow factor. Caffe mocha includes double shots of espresso, steamed milk, a couple of pumps of syrup, and milk foam. If you like, you can ask for whipped cream on top! Although this drink is most famous in the Middle East, many coffee lovers enjoy a tasty caffe mocha and you’ll find it on most menus.


Macchiato is an espresso-based beverage that’s prominent in coffee shops. It’s brewed with a couple of shots of espresso, a touch of steamed milk, with some milk foam on top. The Italian word ‘macchiato’ refers to ‘marked’ or ‘stained. This describes the appearance once you splash the coffee with milk. Macchiatos have become increasingly popular over the years. Coffee enthusiasts have begun loving macchiato thanks to its bold flavors. Try making a rainbow latte macchiato to impress friends.


Italians play a substantial role in the globe’s gross coffees. Latte, macchiato, and espresso are all brewed in the espresso machine invented in Turin back in the 1880s. The cappuccino in particular is a firm favorite with many coffee fans. Studies have even revealed that a cup of cappuccino a day (up to 180 ml) can significantly prevent heart problems, and lowers the risk of having a stroke. In a nutshell, a cappuccino contains equal parts of steamed milk and espresso.


Last but by no means least is affogato. This beverage is brewed with vanilla ice cream and espresso. Coffee fanatics may quickly fall in love with affogato thanks to its sweet, creamy, and rich Italian flavor. What’s more, it’s a dessert all in the same cup! Normally, this beverage can be found under the drinks or dessert category of a restaurant. If you order one, hot espresso is poured over the ice cream the moment it lands on your table. Understandably, you will need a spoon to get through this beverage. There are all different variations oft his coffee too. Some people enjoy it with ice cream, whereas others prefer gelato.

There are so many popular coffee drinks enjoyed by Americans across the country. Whether you’re a latte lover or a flat white fan, you can try out so many different types of coffee. Who knows, once you push yourself out of your comfort zone and opt for something new, you could end up falling in love with a new coffee beverage!

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