Rainbow latte macchiato

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Want a beautiful beverage to serve your guests? Try this stunning-looking rainbow latte macchiato. You don’t need any fancy machines.

Warm up 100ml milk, then froth it with an immersion blender (or use a milk brother). I used my Braun hand immersion blender.

If you want to colour your milk, add a drop of food colouring. I used Queen food colouring in rose pink.

Slowly pour the milk into a 200ml tempered glass cup, like the one shown above. The milk will settle at the bottom as it is heavier than the froth. The froth will sit at the top.

Then slowly pour in your strong coffee. Espresso is the typical coffee used in latte macchiato, but you can use plunger coffee as well. Tip: If using plunger coffee, pour it first into a small jug with a decent pourer. It works better this way than if pouring it straight from the plunger. 

As the coffee is heavier than the froth but lighter than the milk, it will settle in the middle.


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