Reader Pattern: The Uty Bootie

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Sweet Living reader Helen Cuff sent in this adorable pattern for newborn babies. She knits several of these each month for the newborn babies at Christchurch Hospital and says it takes her just 1 hour to knit a pair. Incidentally, the beautiful roses are Helen’s too!

This pattern appeared in a publication called Craft Corner, as follows:

Many thanks to Megan Simmonds of Te Puke for this pattern. Megan says “This is a classy yet simple bootie pattern. I set out to create the most simple pattern and I’m not sure I didn’t create one of the cutest, so I wanted to share it with the readers. If you make a surplus, I’m sure they’ll be welcomed by the Samaritans’ purse Christmas boxes or a local kohanga.

Use double knit wool, and size 5 needles.

Cast on 38 st. If you slip the first stitch of each row, you will have a neat edge for sewing up.

K15, slip 1, K6, slip 1, K15.

K15, P1, K6, P1, K15.

Work these two rows 6 more times. 14 rows from casting on.

Cast off 7 st, work to end.

Cast off 7 st, work to end.

Cast off 1 stitch at beginning of row, work to end, cast off 1 st at end of row.

Continue like this until 10 st remain.

Thread wool through these 10 st and sew up front and back seams.

Fold over top of bootie

Work another bootie the same way.

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