Craft DIY: Felt coasters

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DIY felt coastersThese autumn leaf felt coasters are super easy to make, and they make great last-minute gifts for birthdays, house-warmings and Mother’s Day. Simply draw a leaf template (we drew ours freehand) onto cardboard, cut it out then use that to cut out your leaves. Cut two leaves per coaster. Use embroidery thread in a contrasting colour to stitch the leaf veins, using a running stitch. Next cut a piece of string, make a loop and stitch it to the underside of your stitched leaf, at the top. Then sandwich the two leaf pieces together and blanket stitch around the edges.


  1. blueberry says:

    Love the coaster , will be getting the kid to make them this weekend , just the thing she loves to do
    Thank you

  2. These are so sweet and would match the autumn leaves bunting I made last year. Thanks for sharing. Might just have to make some this week! Are you ok with me pinning this (or any other projects from this site) if I acknowledge you as the origin?

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