Craft DIY: Felt coasters

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DIY felt coastersThese autumn leaf felt coasters are super easy to make, and they make great last-minute gifts for birthdays, house-warmings and Mother’s Day. Simply draw a leaf template (we drew ours freehand) onto cardboard, cut it out then use that to cut out your leaves. Cut two leaves per coaster. Use embroidery thread in a contrasting colour to stitch the leaf veins, using a running stitch. Next cut a piece of string, make a loop and stitch it to the underside of your stitched leaf, at the top. Then sandwich the two leaf pieces together and blanket stitch around the edges.


  1. blueberry says

    Love the coaster , will be getting the kid to make them this weekend , just the thing she loves to do
    Thank you

  2. These are so sweet and would match the autumn leaves bunting I made last year. Thanks for sharing. Might just have to make some this week! Are you ok with me pinning this (or any other projects from this site) if I acknowledge you as the origin?

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