Harnessing power from the sun

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Solar-energyGreat ways to incorporate solar power in your home and backyard.

When you think of solar power, you probably envision sleek solar panels covering rooftops. That’s probably because rooftop installations are the most common and visible of all solar power options. Switching your energy source for the electricity that you consume is one of the best ways to live more sustainably. With approximately one-third of New Zealand’s electricity production being sourced from fossil fuels, switching to solar is a decision that your wallet and the planet with thank you for.

Solar rooftop installations are more affordable in New Zealand than ever. A standard 3kW system costs around $10,000. Five years ago that price would have been around $40,000. If your rooftop space or budget is limited, it is completely possible to get a smaller 1.5kW system for about $6,000. If your roof is made of metal or tin, then you’re in luck because the components required for installing a solar power system on this type of roof are simpler and less expensive.


Solar water heaters are another get way to green your home, without breaking the bank. Many homeowners choose this option as there are currently no subsidies or incentive programs available in New Zealand that help lower the cost of switching to solar energy. A solar water heating system is significantly less expensive as it only needs to be large enough to be able to heat the water that your household consumes.


Solar powered tea lights make a fun DIY yard project. Whether you want to light your walkway to the door or simply make your backyard area a little brighter at night. These small lights are equipped with tiny solar panels on their top and collect sunlight during the day so that at night they illuminate whatever they are near. Very inexpensive, completely off-grid, these solar powered lights are easily arranged in the ground and are a tasteful decoration both during the day and night.

Rollable solar panels are another great way to make your lifestyle all that much more sustainable. Whether you are out camping, or just at home, unroll these flexible, thin solar panels and lay them somewhere in the sun. They will collect solar radiation and convert it into electricity so that you can power your devices. Whether you need a phone or GPS charged, you can live a fully off-grid outback experience with these handy panels.


Whatever option you are interested in, know that there are many benefits of switching entirely or partially to solar, or even simply buying solar powered products. The immediate reduction or even elimination of energy bills is one financial benefit while another is the return on investment by installing a solar power system for your home. Homeowners who do decide to jump on the solar bandwagon enjoy the safety their clean energy system provides them from increasing utility rates, not to mention the increase in their property’s value. A final benefit of adopting solar power is the reduction of one’s carbon footprint, making your lifestyle and the planet, just a little bit greener.

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