DIY rustic chic console table

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DIY-console-tableNeed a DIY project to keep you busy this weekend? Try this awesome console table, cleverly crafted by Emily from Our House, Now A Home.

Emily, with a bit of help from hubby Dale, created this amazing table out of an old piece of wood and some galvanised pipes. She used black spray paint for the pipes and a dark stain for the wood. Oh so chic!

“I am not the type that has to decorate every corner and inch of my home. Some empty spaces can be calming and welcome. But this spot screamed console table. I had a few I fell in love with online. But they were well over $700. More then I was willing to spend. And when my husband saw what I was leaning to splurge on he went all cave man on me. ‘I can build that, we are not giving someone else our money for something that is so simple.'”

Here’s the piece of wood before the transformation.


Which just confirms that Emily has a great eye for how objects can look after a makeover. And here’s the table, completed, and in situ. Gorgeous!


Right. On to the tutorial. For step-by-step instructions on how Emily completed this project, head to her website, Our House, Now A Home.


  1. How wonderful… to be featured Congrats! What an amazing Table. Something like that in the store will cost alot. Great job! 🙂

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