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Naked-cakes2Unfrosted, or naked, cakes have never been more popular. Decorate yours with a layer of buttercream on the inside and lush, colourful flowers on the outside.

Naked wedding cakes

Naked wedding cakes

A naked cake is simply an unfrosted cake – at least on the outside. It forgoes the fondant or buttercream frosting with which most cakes are covered.

On the inside, cakes may be filled (layered) with whipped cream, buttercream, chocolate ganache, jam or fresh fruit to add flavour, texture and colour.

A chocolate cake could be layered with pink buttercream, for example, for a great colour combination.

On the outside, icing (confectioner’s) sugar may be sprinkled on top or a layer of flowers or seasonal fruit applied to add more colour.

Ornate sugar paste flowers or fondant decorations aren’t really a great match for naked cakes, which take on a slightly rustic look. Frosted flowers can also look a little dull on naked cakes.

A wedding cake with 8 layers

A wedding cake with 8 layers

All cakes will produce a darker outer edge than the inside of the cake. If you wish to show the inner colour of the cake, trim off the outside edge.

How many layers your cake has is totally up to you. Some have just two layers, a common number is three, although wedding cakes can have eight to 10 layers.

Your cake doesn’t have to be round, either. Try square or rectangle for something different.

What do you think? Do you prefer your cakes iced or naked? Leave a comment below.

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