Tapestry lampshade

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tapestry-lampshadeTransform your cross-stitch, surface embroidery or tapestry into a lampshade.

How many of us have small pieces of embroidery sitting at home that hasn’t yet been framed or put to good use? Why not turn it into a lampshade?

Turn your own pieces, or your mum’s or grandmother’s creations, into a standing work of art. Even your kids can get involved: encourage them to complete a piece of tapestry to decorate their room (you can buy some great children’s tapestry kitsets from craft shops). If you don’t have time to stitch, you can often pick up embroidered pieces or tapestry works at thrift stores.

What to do?

1. Remove the existing fabric from the lampshade.

2. Fold one end of your tapestry under, to neaten the edge, then wrap the piece around the shade’s wire frame.

3. Overlap the ends, placing the folded-down end on top, and hand-stitch or glue the two ends together.

4. Fold the bottom and top ends under and either glue or stitch down.

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