Taking Your Next Holiday Off-Grid

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New Zealand is blessed with some of the most impressive landscapes around, but the actual scale of uninhabited land within the North, South and Steward Islands might surprise you. According to official state cartographers, 78% of all land in New Zealand remains uninhabited. For those intrepid explorers among you, that means one thing – opportunity. Despite how remote much of New Zealand is, much of it is easily accessible by vehicle. This is where the humble motorhome comes in – for your next trip on the island, going off-grid is both possible and, crucially, fun.

The right equipment

It’s important to make sure you have access to the right equipment before heading out. New Zealand terrain is variable, with mountains giving way to riverbeds and everything in between. The good news is that motorhome purchasing has seen such a surge in New Zealand since the borders were closed that, according to Stuff.co.nz, there’s a wealth of high quality vehicles to choose from, and with all the adaptations you may want. This is worth thinking about when you’re buying or renting a vehicle. Motorhome industry experts at Camper Champ New Zealand highlight the need for a vehicle that can clear the all-important CSC assessment, a qualification that’s non-negotiable if you want to enjoy a motorhome holiday in the off-grid style.

Certified self containment (CSC)

The rules and regulations for what can be defined as CSC are fairly narrow – it means a vehicle that can meet the sanitation needs of the occupants for a minimum of three days without disposal. Note the term ‘minimum’ – many vehicles now have capacity to go way over. Furthermore, think about how your energy can be produced while away. With sophisticated solar panels and new battery systems, you can make the most of New Zealand’s daylight hours to make your adventure truly off-grid – something that you simply couldn’t accomplish without the flexibility and utility that a vehicle like a motorhome provides. Look to take on the CSC to another level by having that energy and food supply at the ready to try out a different way of living life.

Where to go

With your equipment set up, it’s time to look at where you can park up and enjoy your vacation. If you want that off-grid experience, the more remote the location the better. NewsTalk ZB recommend Fiordland as the most remote place on the islands, with some of its innermost tracts only reachable by foot through brush and across hostile terrain. Going anywhere in this region is going to give you a truly wild experience while also helping you to remain safe and secure without having to take your vehicle into chaotic ground. Generally speaking, anywhere around Westport is going to be a good place to start driving out and to experience the dramatic coastlines of the country.

Once you’re there, enjoy the off-grid dream. If you can keep your power creation, food and sanitation inhouse, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday without needing any support from urban areas. In the modern day, that’s a blessing and something to cherish.

Image: Keven Schmid: Unsplash

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