Stem stitch tutorial

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Stem stitch tutorialAlthough a basic stitch, stem stitch makes a very decorative line stitch, as seen here on the embroidered leaf outlines above.

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Stem stitch is often used to create outlines, but it’s also used to embroider stems, vines and tendrils. It’s great for curves or straight lines, and can be worked in a single line or a band.

The thread and how many strands you use will determine how delicate the stitch is – either thick, like a rope, or thin. But for this stitch you need to use an S-twisted thread as opposed to a Z-twisted thread. With Z-twisted thread you get a vastly different look.

DMC, Anchor and other cotton embroidery flosses, as well as perle cottons, are S-twisted. Many silk threads are S-twisted too, but some, like Soie de Paris, are Z-twisted. Make sure you choose an S-twisted thread.

Refer to the diagram to master stem stitch.


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