Silly sock cats

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Cat sock toy

These mischievous-looking sock toys are a breeze to make and will appeal to all ages – adults included! All you need is… a pair of socks.

You need one pair of socks per cat. Choose socks with short legs. We’ve used size 4-7 women’s socks.

  1. Turn socks inside out and lay flat with heels facing up. Download the cutting instructions PDF and, using an air erasable pen, draw cutting lines onto your socks, as shown.
  2. On sock 1, cut out ear shapes. Machine sew or hand-stitch a narrow seam around ears and head. Turn right-side out. Stuff the head and ears. Allow for a short neck, and hand-sew a running stitch at the base of the head. Pull the threads together tightly, then tie knots to secure.
  3. Draw a nose and mouth on the head with an air erasable pen and embroider. Sew on buttons and a patch for eyes.
  4. Cut out legs on sock 2. Machine sew or hand-stitch a narrow seam around legs. Turn right-side out. Stuff right to the top. Put neck of sock 1 inside top of sock 2 and hand-stitch sock band of sock 2 to base of head.
  5. Pinch the sides of the body where the arms will be and stitch from front to back to form the arms.
  6. Make a tail from the remaining sock pieces you cut from sock 1 or 2. Hand-stitch to the back of your sock cat.

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