Recycled bunnies

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Make cute toy bunnies

Did you catch our two recycled bunnies (top right) that featured on page 31 of Issue 2 of Sweet Living magazine? Here are a couple more handmade cuties, which are also made from recycled clothing.

Soft toy bunnies

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Head down to your local charity shop and you’ll find an enormous selection of clothing and fabrics that can be repurposed for sewing projects.

Baby clothes make great duds for dolls too, or downsize adults’ clothing instead.


For a similar pattern to make these bunnies, check out page 31 of Sweet Living Issue 2.


  1. Yvette Barkhuizen says

    Wow!!! I absolutely adore these bunnies, they are so cute and full of detail, and I just want to snip up all my daugters old baby clothes to start sewing my own… Do you perhaps have the patterns available that you used to make the clothes for the bunnies, they are to die for!

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