Painted drawers makeover

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By Jane

Make Life Easy

Drawers before - with stains and scratches

Drawers before – with stains and scratches

A while ago I was given a set of drawers that was badly in need of a makeover. The wood was nice, but there were scratches and stains all over it. A good sand down and a lick of paint was what it needed.

Three years later, I finally got my A into G and gave it an overhaul.

I figured there was enough white in the house (walls, ceiling and desks are all white) so I opted for a colour explosion – five colours in all, one colour each for the drawers and a white to tie in with everything else in the room.

The back, sides, top, and the strips between the drawers were painted in:

Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream

The drawers, from the top down, were painted in:

Resene Highlight
Resene Cosmic
Resene Lola
Resene Matterhorn

The paints were semi-gloss, and we painted three coats in all to give it a fabulously professional finish.

The drawers look great. I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get around to it.


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