Coffee vanilla body scrub

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Buff your skin into super silky shape with this delicious smelling body scrub. Apply in the shower or bath when skin is warm then follow up with body lotion or oil.

In one bowl add half a cup of coffee grinds and one cup of sugar or salt. Mix together. In another bowl add a quarter cup of olive oil and a couple of drops of vanilla extract. Mix together.

Add oil mixture to dry ingredients and mix well. Then rub onto your skin for silky smoothness.

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  1. Mmm looking forward to trying this! Does it keep or do you need to use straight away? Or I was thinking about gifting if it will last awhile?

    • Hi Amy. This scrub is more for using up reasonably quickly, within a week, or two, if refrigerated. If you were going to give it as a gift, it would be best to add a preservative. You could use a commercial blend such as optiphen, which is a paraben-free preservative that’s freely available over the internet. It’s also scent free, so it won’t destroy the delicious coffee/vanilla fragrance. Alternatively, you can add natural preservatives, such as Vitamin E, grapeseed extract, or ascorbic acid, etc, but these are not broad spectrum preservatives, and with the introduction of water constantly (putting your hands in the tub is one way to introduce water – and bacterial and fungi need water to grow), shelf life will still be reduced. You can read a bit more about preservatives, including natural ones, over at Soap Craft.

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