11 tips to get craft materials at low price

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Creating visually appealing arts and crafts encourages upcycling and repurposing. Besides possessing highly skilled hands, a craftsperson has to gather various materials to make something new.

Craft materials can either make or break specific works of art. As an artist, you have to get complete materials from the store. Check out these tips in getting art supplies at low prices:

1. Watch Out For Store Sales

Whether online or in-store, shops often launch promotions and sales during specific periods. For instance, there’s a Black Friday sale, end-of-year sale, and other types of discount days that could last for weeks. Always be on the lookout for these events to grab your craft materials at low prices.

2. Visit Thrift Stores Often

These shops often hold a treasure trove of brand-new craft items that anyone can use, such as pompoms, stickers, papers, stationery and art supplies. Besides these materials, thrift stores can also hold second-hand supplies, such as crochet hooks, knitting needles, zips, buttons, cottons, lace, wool and beads. As well, these thrift stores also have a variety of used blankets and clothes that can be upcycled.

3. Shop At A Dollar Store

Can’t find what you’re looking for in thrift stores? Visit your nearest dollar store to see whether you can find the products you’re after. Check all sections of the store beside the craft or office supplies department for more finds.

4. Browse Through Store Clearance Sections

Craft stores, office supplies, and hardware stores often have clearance sections where craft items are offered at discounted prices, sometimes due to minimal packaging damages. Don’t limit your search to the obvious such as craft and office supplies shops as some stores may have other products you can repurpose to add new life to your living spaces.

5. Sign Up For Store Loyalty Programmes

To encourage customer retention, stores often ask their clients to sign up for loyalty programmes. Use this to your advantage and stay ahead of store news and updates, especially for upcoming sales. Most often, stores offer exclusive deals to loyal shoppers, allowing you to enjoy highly coveted and hard-to-find items on the cheap.

6. Scan Your Home

In some cases, you don’t have to leave your home to find the items you need. Resourcefulness can take you a long way when it comes to working on arts and crafts. Scan each room in your home to look for craft items that you may need. Additionally, check your garbage bin for things such as eggshells, milk bottles and cartons, food packages, and other containers.

7. Visit Yard And Garage Sales 

Go out of your home and explore your neighbourhood for the nearest garage or yard sale. Going to one may help you find items you never thought you’d be able to find and use for your next crochet project. If your neighbour is known to be a craftsperson, don’t pass the opportunity to see some fabrics, paper, foam, beads, and other craft materials at low prices.

8. Check Out Jewellery Stores

Fashion stores are known to offer rock bottom prices for items that are out of season, jewellery stores included. If you’re interested in making bespoke pieces, don’t skip your visit to jewellery racks and accessories stores. In there, you may be able to purchase items that you can take apart and reassemble. To revive outdated accessories, these stores should be part of your go-to places.

9. Find A Nearby Creative Reuse Centre

A creative reuse centre is a haven for crafters who love to upcycle and repurpose. To the uninitiated, these centres work by receiving craft supplies and selling them to enthusiasts who drop by the store. There’s a growing number of creative reuse centres round. It’s just hunting them out.

10. Join A Local Art Group

Joining a local arts and crafts group may help you get more supplies at cheap costs. What’s more, you may not even have to shell out cash as some may give these extra items for free.

Some community schools offering art classes may need to regularly get rid of their extra supplies, perhaps more so following the pandemic. Additionally, individuals who managed to purchase more supplies than needed may also be offering these online.

11. Check Online Stores

Some online stores may offer craft supplies at prices lower than you can find in brick-and-mortar shops. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, compare all prices before adding to your cart. Don’t forget to check the shipping cost as it can significantly impact the purchase cost. Choose a pick-up option instead of shipment. If you need several reams of paper or yards of fabric, consider buying them from one store for more considerable savings.

Final Thoughts

In looking for craft materials, creativity and resourcefulness can make a difference. So explore all the ideas discussed here to help you create every output you can think of —whether upcycled clothes, wall art, a decorative household item, or accessories.

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