Make an advent calendar

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Advent calendarThe countdown is on! Make it easier – and a little tastier – with an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. These little booties can be filled with sweets or small toys for your little ones to open on each of the corresponding days.


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You need:

  • Selection of felt squares
  • Heart stamp
  • Number stamps
  • White ink suitable for stamping on fabric
  • Fabric paint in white
  • White sewing thread


Probably the most time-consuming part of this project is cutting out the bootie shapes. Make a template out of cardboard, then use this to cut out 48 small felt boots.

Stitch pairs together on a sewing machine, leaving the top open.

Stamp a decorative heart onto each bootie, plus a number up to 24.

Paint ‘stitches’ at the top of each boot.

Fill with goodies!

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