Make a daisy quilt

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Daisy quilt tutorialThis adorable quilt features in Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green’s new book, 500 Quilt Blocks, and we’re lucky enough to have the step-by-step instructions for you, below.

500 Quilt Blocks cover500 Quilt Blocks is the perfect source of inspiration for your next quilt project. In this comprehensive guide you’ll find patterns for classic blocks, brand new blocks, English paper piecing blocks, foundation paper pieced blocks and appliqué blocks.

As well as that, there are a series of projects for you to make – quilts, table runners, cushions, bags, a doorstop, and more.

This excellent book will inspire quilters of all levels.

The following is extracted from 500 Quilt Blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green. Produced by Quintet and published in New Zealand by New Holland, $24.99.


Daisy Quilt

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[50in x 70in (127cm x 178cm)]


  • Petals: as for DAI1 x 3
  • Stem strips: 4 1/2in x 20 1/2in (11.4cm x 52.1cm), 4 1/2in x 25 1/2in (11.4cm x 64.8cm), 4 1/2in x 30 1/2in (11.4cm x 77.5cm)
  • Background (BKG): 1 yd (0.91m) for BKG to flowers, 2 yds (1.83m) sub-cut into: 5 x 7 1/2in (19cm) width of fabric (WOF) strips sewn into 1 length and cut into 4 strips of 50 1/2in (128cm), 4 x 5 1/2in (14cm) WOF strips sewn into 1 length and cut into 2 strips of 20 1/2in (52.1cm), 2 strips of 25 1/2in (64.8cm), and 3 strips of 30 1/2in (77.5cm), 14 1/2in (36.8cm) WOF strip cut into lengths of 6 1/2in (16.5cm), 11 1/2in (29.2cm), and 16 1/2in (41.9cm)
  • Binding: 1/2 yd (0.46m)
  • Backing: 3 1/2 yds (3.20m)
  • Batting: 58in x 78in (147cm x 198cm)
  • Template: DAIi (below)

1. Piece the 3 daisies as per DAI1 (see below).

2. Sew the stem strips between 2 x 5 1/2in (14cm) strips of same length BKG.

3. Sew 14 1/2in (36.8cm) BKG sections onto the tops of the daisy heads so that the 6 1/2in (16.5cm) strip goes on the tallest daisy and the 16 1/2in (41.9cm) strip on the shortest daisy.

4. Sew the quilt top together, sashing with the 7 1/2in (19cm) WOF strips in between each daisy and at either end.

5. Back, quilt, and bind as desired. Make the backing by cutting the 3 1/2 yds (3.2m) into 2 equal lengths and sewing back together along the long edges.

Daisy Main Block

[DAI1 — 14in (35.6cm) block]


  • Petals: 12 x 3in x 5in (7.6cm x 12.7cm) strips
  • Centre: 7 1/2in (19cm) circle
  • BKG: approx 1/3 yd (0.30m)
  • Template: DAIi

1. Foundation paper piece four of template DAIi.

2. Trim fabric to dotted line and remove papers.

3. Sew together.

4. Cut out a 7 1/2in (19cm) circle and piece into the centre of the daisy block.

Variation 1

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[DAI2 — 16in (40.6cm) finished]


  • Petals: 3 x 6in x 9in (15.2cm x 22.9cm) rectangles
  • Centre: 9in (22.9cm) sq
  • BKG: 16 1/2in (41.9cm) sq fusible web

1. Fuse petal and centre fabric to fusible web. Cut out 12 x 2in x 4 1/2in (5.1cm x 11.4cm) rectangles for the petals and an 8in (20.3cm) circle for the centre.

2. Fuse petals first and then fuse centre to BKG fabric.

3. Finish with zigzag, straight, blanket or other edging stitch.

Variation 2

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[DAI3 — 18in (45.7cm) block]


  • Petals (dark): 6 x 6in x 5in (15.2cm x 12.7cm) rectangles
  • Petals (light): 6 x 6in x 4in (15.2cm x 10.2cm) rectangles
  • Centre: 9in (22.9cm) sq
  • BKG: 18 1/2in (47cm) fusible web

1. As for DAI2 but cut out 12 x 2in x 4 1/2in (5.1cm x 11.4cm) rectangles from the darker petal fabrics and 12 x 2in x 3in (5.1cm x 7.6cm) rectangles from the lighter petal fabrics.

2. Fuse the darker petals first, then the lighter petals, then the circle to the BKG fabric.

3. Finish as for DAI2.

Variation 3

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[DAI4 — 11in (27.9cm) block]


  • Petals: 2 x 5in x 6in (12.7cm x 15.2cm) rectangles
  • Centre: 6in (15.2cm) sq
  • BKG: 11 1/2in (29.2cm) sq fusible web

1. As for DAI2 but cut out 8 x 2in x 2 1/2in (5.1cm x 6.3cm) rectangles for the petals and a 5in (12.7cm) circle for the centre.

2. Finish as for DAI2.

Variation 4

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[DAI5 — 14in (35.6cm) block]


  • Petals: 10in (25.4cm) sq
  • Centre: 10in (25.4cm) sq
  • BKG: 14 1/2in (36.8cm)  sq fusible web

1. As for DAI2 but cut out 12in x 2in (30.5cm x 5.1cm) sqs from the petal fabric and a 9in (22.9cm) circle from the centre fabric.

2. Finish as for DAI2.




We have 1 copy of 500 Quilt Blocks to give away.

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