DIY scarf round-up

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Brr. It’s scarf weather out there, so we’ve rounded up some great scarf-making patterns to keep your crafting hands busy – and ultimately your necks warm. So dig out your crochet hooks, your knitting needles or your sewing machine, and start crafting.

DIY crochet scarf

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Chunky Circle Scarf

Lindsi Jensen over at People Webs created this very chunky, very warm, very pretty scarf.

If you like to crochet you’ll love this scarf, especially since Lindsi has provided the instructions on how to make it. Head on over to her website, People Webs, for the low-down.

While you’re there, check out her tutorial for a crocheted bow headband. It’s adorable!


DIY knitted scarf

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Easy Knitted Scarf 

This scarf is so easy it requires only four lines of instructions! If you can knit and purl, you can make this scarf. That’s the green scarf we’re talking about.

The orange scarf has a little more to it, with its lace leaf pattern, but there are detailed instructions and photographs on how to do it.

For the patterns of both these lovely knitted scarfs, jump over to Purl Bee.


DIY catch and release scarf

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Catch and Release Scarf

You’ll need your sewing machine for this one, plus some ordinary thread and some elastic thread.

Then it’s just a matter of neatening the side edges of a very long strip of material and sewing three vertical lines down the middle of the fabric with the elastic thread to make gathers.

It’s a super easy project, although it makes more sense when you see photos of the work in progress. Lucky for us Kelli Ward from Presserfoot has provided both photos and step-by-step instructions.


DIY scarf tutorial

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Ruffled t-shirt scarf

This is a similar looking scarf to the one above but the fabric is a recycled t-shirt, and the thread is pulled to create the gathers.

It’s a great way to recycle t-shirts that are no longer used and the soft material sits nicely around the neck.

If you prefer your scarves longer, then just use two t-shirts.

Check Rebekah Price’s DIY scarf project out here.


DIY linen scarf

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Linen Scarf

This scarf is actually designed for spring or summer wearing but you could use a thicker fabric to make it winter-proof.

Just add your lace to the top and bottom edges to get the same look as this linen creation.

This gorgeous design is by Jenya from EvaForeva.


  1. I love circle scarves for winter, so snuggly and no ends to worry about coming untucked. I need a new crochet project so I might check that one out…

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