Healthy budget recipes

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Healthy budget recipesLooking for heathy and budget recipes? Cooking Light features more than 100 delicious, nutritious, budget recipes for four, all for under a tenner (that’s a US tenner – at current conversion rates that’s around $NZ12). There are delicious recipes like (pictured from top left): Gingery Pork Meatballs with Noodles; Chicken Curry; Sausage and Caramalized Onion Bread Pudding. To check out all 103 recipes, click through to Cooking Light.

What’s your favourite budget recipe? We’d love to hear what you’re feeding your family. Post a comment below or send us an email.


  1. I love making risotto when money is tight. It only takes one chicken breast, rice, a few veges and herbs/spices as desired and it can feed the whole family for dinner plus there’s usually left overs to take for lunch the next day or to put in the freezer for another time 🙂

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