GIVEAWAY: Organic gardening products

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The kind folk at Kiwicare are offering two lucky readers the chance to win an organic gardening pack. We have two prize packs to give away, each containing one pack of Organic Insect Control, one pack of Organic Caterpillar Bio Control, and a bottle of Nourish Vegetables Organic Fertiliser.

Kiwicare’s Organic Garden pest control range helps you deal with a wide range of insect pests the natural way – and let’s be honest, who wants nasty chemicals sprayed around the garden? Their organic fertilisers are formulated to provide the best balance of nutrients for the specific plants in your garden.

The great thing Kiwicare’s organics range (aside from the fact that they’re organic) is that they’re all BioGro certified, so you can be certain you’re getting the real deal. These products are also made in New Zealand for New Zealand gardens.

For more information on these awesome products, head on over to Kiwicare’s website. Or click on the individual headers below.

Organic Insect Control ; Organic Caterpillar Bio Control ; Nourish Vegetable Organic Fertiliser

TO GO IN THE DRAW to win one of these great prize packs, simply post a comment below, telling us your favourite organic gardening tip. It’s that easy.

Competition closes 12 February 2012. OPEN TO NZ RESIDENTS ONLY.


  1. Easiest way to kill weeds in path cracks, is to pour boiling water on them and cook them!

  2. I use the “juice” from our bokashi bin as a fertilizer – you need to water it down to about one part per ten, and it pongs to high heaven, but the plants love it!

  3. We find that putting the coffee grinds out of our stove-top coffee maker around the plants in our garden stops the cats digging in the garden

  4. Spray plants & soil with chamomile tea it helps prevent damping-off disease

  5. Linda Forsdick says

    I like to kill my weeds with vinegar in a spray bottle!

  6. Linda Forsdick says

    I always plant banana skins around my roses. They are a great source of food for them.

  7. Linda Forsdick says

    Garlic bulbs planted around the rose bed keep the aphids away.

  8. Linda Forsdick says

    In the vegetable garden I always companion plant. I use the NZ book of Companion Planting.

    Callendulas, fever few, borage plus herbs are great for this. The list is endless, too many to name here.

  9. Egg shells in the garden are an awesome snail detterent

  10. Chris Goyen says

    It would be really great to win some Nourish Organic Vegetable Fertiliser as my worm farm is not coping with this hot humid weather.

  11. I put kitchen scraps in a worm bin, using worm wee to water plants. This is a great organic fertiliser.

  12. I like the idea of recycling your weeds by making garden teas. Nettle tea is rich in iron and can be sprayed onto plants to help them withstand drought. Dandelion tea is beneficial to plant growth too. Dennis Grenville’s wee book Growing Vegetables year-round has more good suggestions if you want more ideas for garden teas using organic mater.

  13. Feed, feed feed! Compost is great.

  14. Spray milk on leaves of courgette and cucumber plants to help stop mildew.

  15. Keep on the lookout for hornworms early on, and drop them in soapy water to kill them.
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  16. After I’ve weeded an area I put down wet newspaper and pile the weeds back on top – this helps retain moisture, and stops a new crop of weeds growing. Eventually it all breaks down into lovely rich compost.

  17. Leslie Whitehead says

    I always spray weeds with vinegar and I always lay egg shells around my pots.

  18. eggshells as a slug/snail deterrent, foil covered rocks to keep birds away and chili powder to keep the cats away (yes I’m one of those mean people who refuse to allow the neighbourhood cats to use my vege garden as a litter box)

  19. I’m a gardening novice, but have heard that crushed up egg shells scattered around plants helps to keep snails away

  20. Tracey Joyce says

    I am a learner Organic gardener but the one I have learnt is to put used tea bags around the base of fruit trees to stop the leaves curling

  21. My fave tip is to pour boiling water on the weeds in cobbles, stamped concrete etc! kills them nice and safely 🙂

  22. Have found an easy way to prevent black aphids on cherry trees-simply brush any wounds on the trunk, and also spread ground coffee beans around the base of the tree. Also deters wasps,

  23. I use boiling water on weeds and salt on really stubborn ones. I also catch our grey water and use that on the garden.

  24. Boil rhubarb leaves in water and dilute 1 part to 9 parts water. Add some sunlight liquid to make it stick and spray on plants to deter aphids.

  25. Diane Davidson says

    I take my coffee grounds to the garden and pile it around the plants. It keeps the snails away and nourishes my vegetables & herbs. It’s better than clogging up the landfill by ‘wasting’ the spent grounds in the garbage.

  26. Rebekah Taylor says

    I collect all the Green Caterpillars and mouli them up (ewww) and spray them back on the garden… The white butterflies and caterpillars dont like the smell of their dead friends HA HA

  27. Trees van Ruth says

    Put comfrey leaves in a large bin with water. After a few weeks it becomes a great compost tea for the garden.

  28. Jade Turrall says

    lay down newspaper or cardboard on gardens to help keep weeds down

  29. Zoe Anderson says

    Cut up cabbage tree leaves and use them as mulch around trees, this also deters weed growth and get rid of cabbage leaves that don’t do well in the compost.

  30. karen morphus says

    sprinkle salt on dirt in glass house it stops snails

  31. Chop up comfrey leafs and put them under your seed potatoes at planting time to give them a boost.

  32. For the quickest and easiest path through the veges – buy the edging half log packs usually 15m and lay them through the garden, they are flexible, give an excellent grip for walking on and can be shifted at will.

  33. collect and resow your own seeds.

  34. we have gone completely organic and companion planting, having wonderful crops to fill the freezer and fill the salad bowls, but the aphids have started, so out comes the garlic spray

  35. watered down blood from meat is a great boost for veggies

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