Book giveaway: Sugar & Spice + free recipes

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Sugar Spice book giveawayThe cover picture alone is enough to get the juices flowing, but from page 1 you’ll be hooked. With more than 100 recipes, both sweet and savoury, Sugar & Spice is a real treat for the home baker. The book includes breakfast ideas, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies and tarts, and deliciously healthy bread (see recipe printed on next pages). Yum! We love this book. And lucky for you, we have a copy to give away (see below).

Sugar & Spice
Sweet and savoury cakes, puddings and pies
Callie Maritz & Mari-Louis Guy
RRP $45.00; Hardback; New Holland


Sugar & Spice book giveawayWe have 1 copy of Sugar & Spice to give away. TO GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A COPY, all you have to do is post a comment below. Anything will do. You can just say hello, if you like. Though we’d love to know what your emergency baking recipe is for soon-to-arrive, or unexpected, guests. For us, it’s the Anzac biscuits from Edmond’s Cookery book. It’s very quick to make and always a winner.


WINNER: Ruth Pearce

For DELICIOUS RECIPES from the book, including Sticky Banoffee Pie, Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, and Healthy Brown Bread, click on PAGE 2 below the sharing icons.

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  1. Christine Ros says

    another great giveaway! thanks!!

  2. I have a great recipe for savoury muffins (‘Taste’ magazine) for those unexpected visitors – the receipe is so easy, they are quick to make and enjoyment is virtually guarenteed!

  3. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Jo Taylor says

    What a beautiful cover!

  5. Desaree Borrie says

    Peanut butter cookies, super easy & children love them.

  6. I’d love to try baking out of this book.
    I use 5 Cup Loaf for my quick baking needs.
    1C Self raising flour
    1C Brown Sugar
    1C Sultanas (I usually only use 3/4C)
    1C coconut
    1C Milk
    Mix altogether, pour into a loaf tin and bake at 180′ for 45mins.

  7. The cover is so pretty! I don’t think I could bring myself to bake something in a teacup, but it would be a great way to serve chocolate mousse! My go-to recipe is similar to yours… Anzac slice (I use half the amount of sugar in the recipe)

    • Shirley Hastings says

      @ Ruth, you can quite often pick up singular teacups at ‘Op’ shops to save using precious sets!

  8. I always make rhubarb muffins as we seems to have a never ending supply of rhubarb in our garden!
    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  9. Julie Lennon says

    This book looks great and can’t wait to try some of the recipes

  10. Haley Thompson says

    I love baking! I have a recipe book addiction! My go-to-recipe is a no eggs/no dairy chocolate cake that is really moist and super yum with chocolate ganache poured over. Yum.

  11. Emergency baking? Good old lil pancakes with butter& homemade jam!

  12. Kirstin Kane says

    Chocolate Chippie biscuits with condensed milk out of the Ladies, Bring a Plate recipe book. If I have more time though I would do a coffee and walnut cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook – it’s amazing made with marscapone icing YUMMO~~

  13. This book looks lovely! Would love to have a copy.. My emergency baking is to slice up a roll of frozen cookie dough, I always keep a couple in reserve. At the moment in my freezer I have one roll of dark chocolate shortbread and one of white chocolate, macadamia nut and fig cookies.
    Thank you for the give away! x

  14. What a great book. Would love to win this!

    My goto recipe for quick and easy biscuits (that everyone loves) is Peanut Butter Biscuits. Don’t be fooled by the ingredients, there are only three…

    1 cup crunchy peanut butter
    1 cup sugar
    1 egg

    Mix all together. Roll tablespoonfuls onto balls. Place on a greased baking tray and flatten with a fork, allowing room for spreading. Bake 180 oC for 10 minutes or until golden.

  15. Nadene Winchester says

    Yum it looks like a fantastic book! My emergency baking recipe is a batch of muffins with a muffin base recipe I always use then chuck whatever fruit and/or choc etc I have on hand……so quick and easy to whip up a batch!

  16. Janine Forrester-Vale says

    Would love that savory muffin recipe marie. I love this website.

    • Hi Janine – will ‘post’ the savoury muffin recipe tomorrow evening – cheers

    • Savoury/Cheese Muffins –
      1 x small onion finely chopped; 5-6 rashers bacon (or ham) cut into pieces; big handful parsley – chopped; 1 1/2 cups flour; 2 tsp baking powder; 1 cup grated cheese; 1 cup milk beaten with 2 eggs:
      Combine onion, bacon, parsley, flour, baking powder, cheese, along with salt and pepper. Make a well in the centre, pour in the milk and egg mixture and bind the mixture together gently with your hands. The consistency should be wet. Bake in greased muffin tins at 190c for 20 minutes or until golden brown
      (From ‘Taste’ Magazine about 3-4 years back)

  17. This book looks so full of yummy recipes.I think Lemon meringue cupcakes sound awesome

  18. Nikki Griffin says

    Looks good.Love the mag and all the great thing in it.Keep up the good work

  19. Pamela Donaldson says

    Afgans. They are so good and so easy! And SO GOOD!!!

  20. Paul Greenfield says

    Apparently I need to hone my baking skills as my kids tell me Mummy is better at baking than Daddy. This book would hopefully give me some advantage, or at least some novelty factor that should count in my favour.

  21. Veronica Donaldson says

    This book sounds awesome! I want it! I would write more but I need to go and eat something sweet after looking at those gorgeous photographs. YUM!

  22. Glenys Nicol says

    What A GREAT name for a book.Spices always arouses the senses & must be a great read.Can,t wait to see it.

  23. Oh sounds like a yummy book! Would love to try some of these recipes out!

  24. What a delight it would be to delve into this treasure of a book as we head into the winter months. My emergency baking recipe are my Chocolate Fudge Cakes – they are little morsels of deliciousness that are always moist and just rich enough to feel naughty but not sickening!

  25. As Winter draws near and the days get cooler I love nothing more than to spend the day all snug and warm inside, baking up a storm! My emergency baking recipe is my Lemon Loaf – moist and zesty every time!

    Kath’s Luscious Lemon Loaf

    1 cup self raising flour
    ½ cup coconut
    125g butter
    1 cup caster sugar
    2 eggs
    ½ cup milk
    Grated rind and juice of 4 large lemons

    • Cream butter and sugar
    • Add eggs one at a time and beat
    • Sift flour and add alternatively with milk
    • Add coconut and lemon rind and mix
    • Put in a loaf tin lined with baking paper
    • Bake at 180 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on your oven)

    Lemon Sugar Syrup

    • Combine lemon juice and caster sugar in a small jug, adding as much caster sugar as is necessary to make a syrupy consistency. Ultimately there should be 1½ cups of syrup
    • Pour this syrup over the loaf when it is cooked and still hot

    Note: Before enjoying the loaf, leave it to cool in the tin so that all the syrup can be absorbed

  26. This book would make a wonderful birthday present for my darling wife who is an avid baker!!

  27. This book sounds like a fantastic collection of yummy recipes – i’d be delighted to win a copy!

  28. sounds like a must have book!!

  29. carolyn abraham says

    this book sounds like just what i need

  30. Tracey Adamson says

    Love your magazine and cooking recipes =) love love love

  31. really enjoying your site, and scones are my go to baking

  32. Deborah Brown says

    I’d love to win a copy of this book…always on the lookout for new things to make. cover photo looks very good indeed!!

  33. My quick and easy standby is a choc brownie, that takes only 4 minutes to cook in the microwave and can be also used hot with icecream/choc sauce or cream as a quick dessert

  34. Adrienne says

    Im just loving “Sweet Living”, such awesome articles and ideas !!!

  35. Sticky Banoffee Pie, this sounds divine, if it says ‘sticky’ I am in!

  36. Love this online magazine – it really is just delicious to look at 🙂

  37. oohhh fab recipe book!! would love to win it.. I’d gift it to my sister..

  38. Would so love to win this I love this magazine

  39. Mel Doogan says

    My son’s favourite dessert is Banoffee Pie, so I’ll be making these for his birthday! And Lemon Meringue is one of my favourites! Yum!

  40. Oh the book looks good enough to eat!
    My emergency recipe is good ol’ Pikelets with a dollop of home made jam.

  41. Piklets – fresh, still warm – YUM

  42. Katherine McConnell says

    Muffins are always the best bet, they’re quick to whip up with ingredients you have in your store cupboard, don’t require lots of beating and mixing and generally only take 10-20 minutes to cook 🙂 also best served warm with some fresh whipped cream or butter to melt into them 🙂 and also the pretty paper wrappers make them decorative without having to pipe on icing

  43. What a lovely book! Would make a nice birthday gift for my sister-in-law next month.

  44. What a lovely gift –
    My never fail quick cook idea would be banana blueberry muffins or lemon muffins yum!!

  45. Yum. This book looks great!! I would love to win a copy of it.

  46. What can I say? – YUM!!!

  47. All the recipes look great, gotta quickly write a few down, my cheat is sweet shortcrust pastry, cut with cookie cutter 2 the same size, cut a hole in one and fill with lemon honey or jam, bake 180 c for about 10 min.

  48. A win would brighten up my alone mothers day.

  49. My quick recipe is 5,4,3,2, 1 , a half and a drop.
    It’s a super easy, cherry slice. The measurements are in ounces, and that’s how old the recipe is. It was a favourite of my Mum’s!

  50. Hi,
    Lovely website. Would love to win this book!
    In an emergency I usually make date or sultana rock cakes or my super easy fruit cake.

  51. Maza Corbishley says

    absolute fab recipes. cant wait to win the book and cook up a storm.

  52. Amy Bourke says

    The basic muffin recipe from the Edmonds cookbook is always a winner and you can just add whatever you have on hand. My favourite additions are raspberry, white chocolate and coconut or date, orange and dark chocolate.
    Amy 🙂

  53. I seem to have got out of the way of baking lately but my usual go-to recipe was banana choc chip muffins – mainly because my family enjoyed them and they were easy to make. Great way to use up those last, rather beaten-up looking, bananas too!

  54. Sophie Geary says

    Yum! What a fantastic giveaway! I would absolutely love to try those delicious sounding recipes! Please pick me!!! 😉 Being French, my favourite super fast dessert is a clafoutis. Although it is traditionally made with cherries, you can pretty much use any fruit you like. It’s super easy to make and simply delicious.
    Thank you all for your fantastic ideas and brilliant creativity.


  55. what a great online mag! thanks!

  56. This mag has got me into baking any chance I get. Much appreciated and I hope it has inspired others too.

  57. Edmonds Honey Snaps are always a quick favourite. I also like to make extra dough when baking biscuits to put in the freezer for those ‘instant’ fixes. Just roll it up into a log and slice off what you need when you need it.

  58. I would love to win this book 🙂

  59. wow looks fantastic please pick me i’d love to win this book

  60. Ruth Pearce says

    My emergency recipe is lemon curd tarts. I make lemon curd each year so I have a generous stock on hand. If someone is coming over unexpectedly I just take a sheet of ready rolled sweet shortcrust pastry from the freezer, cut it into circles with a cookie cutter and fill with lemon curd. Cook in 200C oven for 10-15 minutes until pastry is golden brown.

  61. LeeAnn Thoresen says

    always a home made pizza. love your mag x

  62. Rochelle Laurence says

    The cake on the cover is enough to entice me to enter – yum. thanks

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