Easy appetisers

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Easy-appetizersGot plenty of leftovers from your festive celebrations? Make these easy appetisers or snacks for the holidays.

One thing about Christmas – there is usually plenty of leftovers. If you still plan to entertain, serve up these easy appetisers using leftovers that will leave you with plenty of time to socialise.


Use either prosciutto or thin slices of cooked ham to wrap halved apricots. Tinned apricots can be used if fresh ones are not available. Insert a sprig of rosemary through the ham to keep it in place and to impart a slight rosemary flavour.


Present leftover cheese on a pretty platter, along with a selection of grapes, nuts, figs and preserves. You could add cold meats as well.


These ham and pumpernickel morsels couldn’t be easier to make. Simply cut pumpernickel (or rye bread) into circles using a cookie cutter, then top with slices of ham and chutney.


Here’s another very simple idea – ham rolls stuffed with prunes. You could also add blue cheese, or any other cheese you fancy.

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