Butterfly cut-outs

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Our floral paper cut-outs were so popular we thought we’d try something else, namely fluttering butterflies. They’re super easy to make, too. All you need is a steady hand.

Here’s what to do:

Draw a butterfly design on a piece of white paper. Place the paper on a cutting mat and, using a craft knife, cut around the outline of the butterfly, leaving the body uncut.

Cut out various shapes within the wings to make the wing markings and remove.

Cut out the shape of the antennae, leaving the base of the antennae uncut.

Once you have finished cutting, glue the paper to another piece of paper (use a different colour to make your design stand out), then lift out the wings and antennae for a 3-D effect.

Use your cut-out paper for seriously stylish gift-wrapping.


  1. So pretty. I can see a crowd of them popping up in my crafts.

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