DIY garden stakes

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DIY garden stakesHandy with a jigsaw? Make your own bird-shaped stakes for garden practicality and beauty.

Bird stakes

(makes 3)

1m x 90mm x 19mm H3 pine
3 x 1m x 10mm x 1mm aluminium tubes (for stakes)
Paper and cardboard for template
Paint test pots

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Step 1

Make a template.

Draw your shape freehand or find some free clipart on the internet. We’ve used a bird shape, but you can use any shape your desire.

If using clipart, print and cut out your design, then trace it onto cardboard.

Cut out the cardboard shape.


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Step 2

Trace the template onto your timber then, using a jigsaw, cut out the shapes.

If using a simple design, the cutting is fairly easy. Though a jigsaw can be used to create intricate shapes too.

A jigsaw is a great tool for both novices and experts. Just make sure you use the correct blade for the job (one for timber in this case).


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Step 3

Once you’ve cut out your shapes, sand the edges to make them smooth.

Then paint your birds. We’ve used Resene ‘Red Berry’ and Resene ‘Jackson’s Purple’.

Using a small artist’s paintbrush, paint eyes and beaks in a contrasting colour, such as white or yellow, or the colours of the other birds (e.g., our red bird has purple eyes and beak; our purple bird has red eyes and beak).


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Step 4

Turn the birds upside down. Drill a hole in the bottom of each bird, just big enough to fit the metal poles.

Touch up the paint if necessary.

Insert the poles, then place your stakes in the garden.


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