Chocolate and coffee face mask

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Chocolate coffee face maskHere’s a clever idea for recycling those used coffee grounds. Make a face mask. According to, coffee and cocoa masks have long been a favorite of beauty aficionados. “As a combination, they decrease puffiness in the face and the eye area, brighten skin and wake up a dull-ish complexion.” Not to mention radiating a delicious aroma! goes on to say, “You can tailor it for your skin type by adding yogurt or cream and honey if you have dry skin or lemon juice if you have oily skin. If you have super dehydrated skin, oils work as a substitute for dairy.”

While their recipe calls for fresh grounds, many others say used coffee grounds are ideal, like this simple coffee facemask, over at Purefect Your Skin. Instant coffee is another option.

But the following recipe sounds divine, with skin-softening honey and milk (or cream or yoghurt) mixed with coffee and cocoa. CLICK HERE to make your own chocolate and coffee face mask.

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