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Embroidery adriana newIsn’t this embroidery exquisite? It’s the work of Adriana Torres of Miga De Pan, who says it started out as a simple embroidery for her 4-year-old daughter Felicitas’ backpack and ended up a showcase of embroidery stitches.

Adriana used 27 different embroidery and needlework stitches, including cross stitch, backstitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, Rhodes stitch, smyrna stitch, damask (satin) stitch, rococo stitch, bullion knot and French knot, among others.

All that remains for Adriana to do is to stitch the base, then sew this gorgeous work of art into a backpack. A backpack fit for a princess!

Click through to Adriana’s site to see more of her beautiful work.

Embroidery Adriana full


  1. We love Miga de Pan art work and creations .. we invited her to run a workshop in Devon this September. I can’t wait.

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