5 kitchen pantry beauty treatments

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Chapped lips? Stained teeth? Lacklustre locks? Turn to your pantry for a quick solution. We asked beauty editor Jenna Moore of beauty, fashion and lifestyle website Gems of Gorgeousness for her tips for creating fabulous beauty fixes from simple ingredients from the pantry. We’re blown away by how simple these great beauty tips are.

Text below by Jenna Moore

We’re so busy loading ourselves down with the latest and greatest lotions and potions that it can be easy to forget Mother Nature is one of the great beautifiers. Try these recipes to get gorgeous now.

How to get white teeth

Eating strawberries naturally makes your teeth white. That’s easy peasy – just eat what you love. However, if you want to take it a step further, mix enough mashed strawberries with baking soda to form a paste. Now brush your teeth. It’s not exactly tasty but it works, especially if you avoid notorious tooth stainers such as coffee and red wine.

Get rid of chapped lips

Sun and wind can wreak havoc on the thin skin of the lips leading to chapping and peeling. To keep them soft and smooth and the perfect foundation for your lippy, mix together equal parts brown sugar, vanilla essence and olive oil. Rub on your lips gently. Remove with a towel if no one offers to kiss it off!

Go for the glow

One of the ingredients in many cosmetic exfoliants is lactic acid, and guess what? Milk is chock full of it. It’ll naturally get rid of sluggish and tired skin cells and make your complexion look radiant. No wonder Cleopatra was hooked. Keep a stock of this natural milk exfoliant on hand by taking some milk powder and mixing it with equal parts oatmeal, then store it in an airtight container. Mix it with some water to make up a paste, and apply whenever you need a scrub.

Love Those Nails

One of the most simple and easily accessible beauty-from-the-pantry ingredients I know of is olive oil. Heat a small amount slightly in a pan or the microwave, and soak your nails in it. They become instantly better conditioned and stronger.

Shiny Locks

A brilliant way to add shine to your hair is to make up a spray bottle with cider vinegar (you can mix a wee bit of water in there, not too much though) or vodka. Spritz for shine and don’t worry, the smell won’t linger.

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