Your Guide to the LC3 Chair

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In the 1920s, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) designed the iconic LC3 chair. At the time, his design was considered radical and was initially met with resistance from consumers and style experts alike. Later, its appeal won over more people, and its popularity grew. The lc3 chair is one of three versions of the LC3 collection. The other two versions are the two-seat and three-seat sofa. 

It has an external frame

While most chairs have a hidden frame, the LC3 chair has an external frame. This was one of the radical features that brought this design to the limelight. The external steel frames give the LC3 chair its character. It is one of the defining features that distinguish the LC3 collection from other contemporary designs. 

Most frames are made from stainless steel. However, some people opt to use plated chrome. Stainless steel is favoured because of its mirror-like finish. It is environmentally friendly, is easy to maintain and is corrosive resistant. 

The corners of the frame are made from a 90-degree angle. This is one of the features that distinguish the LC3 chair from other chairs. 

It is heavily padded

The LC3 chair is fitted with thick resilient cushions to guarantee your comfort. The cushions are not only comfortable, but they also contribute to the elegant minimalism of the armchair’s style. 

Its simplicity is one of the reasons the LC3 chair is favoured. It is easier for one to decorate space with the LC3 chair collection because these seats fit in with the modern and rustic decor. 

The cushions are supported and held in place by the steel frames. While different manufacturers have their preferred measurements for the seat cushion, the standard size is 26.8’’ (68cm) width x 20.5’’ (52cm) depth. 

The cushions are covered with leather. However, a small area at the bottom of the seat cushion is covered with nylon to allow the seat to breathe.  

Generous seating space

One of the first things you are likely to notice on the LC3 chair, besides the external metal frames, is the generous seating space. This is one of the appeals of this chair. It can comfortably seat people of different sizes. 

In the 1960s, Cassina Brand, the certified makers of the original LC3 chairs, determined the preferred dimensions for the chair. The intention was to choose features that represented the designer’s original intent. 

The recommended width, depth, and height of the LC3 chair are 39.4’’(100cm), 27.6’’ (70cm) and 27.2’’ (69cm), respectively. The thickness of the armrest is about 8.6” (21.8cm). 

Cushion filling

The original LC3, though shorter than most seats at the height of 17.5’’ (44cm), was meant to give a comfortable sitting experience. How comfortable the chair is depends on the cushion filling. 

Various furniture companies make replicas of the LC3 chairs. However, most are flexible when it comes to the fillings used in the cushion. 

Some cushions are filled with polyester or foam. Others have a layer of feathers at the top of the seat cushion for extra comfort. 

The LC3 chair is available in various colours. Most are covered with leather, but some furniture makers have introduced other fabric covers to give buyers more options. Even with the various alterations, most manufacturers have tried to retain most of the specifications of the original LC3 chair.


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