Embellish clothing

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A tasteful embellishment on fabric or clothing can make your item one-of-a-kind. Embellishments are an easy way to add visual texture and style, and you can add them while working on a garment or once you’ve finished, or add to any item already in your closet.

There are many techniques that can be used, including embroidery, beading, trimming and appliqué, or simply adding ruffles, fabric flowers, lace or swanky buttons.

We love the appliqué technique shown here. Appliqué is a technique in which small pieces of fabric are laid on a foundation fabric, then stitched in place by hand or sewing machine with the raw edges tucked under or covered with decorative stitching.

The small pieces of fabric can form large designs, like these beautiful botanicals, or smaller, more manageable patterns.

The invention of new materials, like water dissolvable stabilisers and fusible web, makes the process much easier and faster than in times past.

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