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Brother-giveawayWin yourself or Mum a fantastic Brother sewing machine!

Make sewing, alterations and mending a breeze with the Brother GS2510 home sewing machine.

Here’s your chance to win this great Brother sewing machine, which is ideal for the beginner or intermediate sewer. Packed with features, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift – or keep it for yourself.

If you’re ever short of inspiration or need a helping hand, Brother’s 7-day Kiwi operated helpdesk is at your side.

We have 1 Brother GS2510 sewing machine, valued at $300, to give away.


WINNER: Hannah Morrison of Auckland

To go into the draw to win, simply post a comment below. Tell us why you would give it to Mum – or, if you prefer to keep it for yourself, what you would make with it.

Competition open to NZ residents only.

Competition closes on 26th April, 2015, at midnight.


  1. As i have lost my dear mother I would give the machine to my Dear sweet younger cousin
    she is talanted gives things ago
    she has a heart of gold and gives so much to everyone before herself
    she deserves to be spolit

  2. Debbie Beatson says

    I would love this, as my Mum and I share her old Bernina – it would be awesome to have one each!

  3. Lesley McIntosh says

    As I have lost my Mum, I would keep it and make stuff for my grandchildren and one of them can have it when I am gone.

  4. Hannah Morrison says

    My mum doesn’t sew but if I won I could make her all sorts of lovely things, not to mention the tutu’s I’d love to make for my cousin’s wee darlings 🙂

    • OMG that’s me!!!!! Thank you so much – I am thrilled. Truly. This machine will be loved and adored and used 🙂 don’t have Facebook so can’t tell you on there – please copy and paste this if you want to Jane… thank you again…:) love sweet living magazine 🙂

  5. Cindy DeSpain says

    Oh my I just gave my Grandmothers sewing machine to my oldest daughter. Lots of sentimental value. I would love to have one to pass down to my second daughter. But I would have to use it some~

  6. Robyn Schmidt says

    I would love to be able to give my beautiful granddaughters a sewing machine. Both of them are very clever and would really benefit if they had a machine.

  7. Sharee Sayers says

    I would keep this machine at home so it can sit beside mine and I can teach my 12 year old daughter to sew. It is a skill I wish I had learned when I was young. I think my daughter would like to learn how to recycle clothes and make trendy accessories.

  8. Cindy Hughes says

    I would give to my 13 year old daughter who adores clothing and sewing, I only knew the basics through school but she adores it, she helps me so much with my two year old son I would simply adore this for her. Thank you so much.

  9. Craig Kilpatrick says

    I would give this to my partner as shes never owned a sewing machine and we cant afford to purchase one but im sure she would Love to win one thanks

  10. I would give it to my mother. She has been sewing and making things with her hands for 50+ years and recently her trusty machine gave up on her. To have a new machine would be a fabulous treat and one I would love to be able to give her.

  11. Helen Carr says

    My Mum made my clothes right through my childhood. She subscribed to the Burda magazine and drafted the patterns. I wore cool clothes thanks to my Mum. My ‘best’ outfits often included a matching hat – she went to millinery classes! I remember my first pair of bell bottoms – made by Mum of course. Thanks to Mum I was making my own clothes by the time I was 14. I am forever thankful that she passed her skills on to me. She died a few years ago. I inherited her Bernina sewing machine. I would like to teach my daughter the skills my Mum taught me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to teach her on a modern machine.

  12. I would keep it! people ask me to teach them to sew all the time, and I would love to have a machine to teach people on.

  13. KellyAnne salton says

    My mum doesn’t sew but I’d keep the machine to update my well past it old one, and continue creating clothes for my kids. My mum loves to see my creations on the kids and is always first to show off her grandchildren

  14. I would love this as my current struggles with anything more than quilting cotton and I would love to make my girls some gorgeous dresses 🙂

  15. jill lister-martin says

    My mum lives outside NZ, but I would use it to teach my son’s to sew.

  16. Karlina Mitchell says

    My Nana played the Mum role in my childhood and some of my fondest memories are sitting with her during school holidays learning to sew. First months of hand sewing of course and so exciting graduating to the machine. I’d love to be able to do it with my daughter.

  17. I would gift this to my daughter as she is learning to sew and would love a machine of her own- thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I have learned sewing watching my mom doing it from a young age, she always enjoyed making little dresses for us three girls. Now she is no more but I have continued on her steps, I am no expert like her. So hope to win this for me. Thanks

  19. I would give it to my mum, as she used to make me the most gorgeous of dresses as a little girl (even if I got covered in twigs, mud and grass) and I think she would get a kick out of making things for herself these days. She has also battled breast cancer twice and survived so I would love to win it for her.

  20. Colleen Holden says

    I am a new Mum & would love to start some fun projects, starting off sewing my little man some bandana style dribble bibs.
    My mum helped me make some at her place a couple of weeks ago & I’m hooked, no spare scraps of fabric is safe!

  21. Kay Young says

    My Mum sewed thoughout my childhood..even after she went back to work full time. I in turn enjoyed sewing for my children. I’d love to pass a new machine on to my own children to keep the cycle going through another generation!

  22. Sonia Wilson says

    With mending galore and no sewing machine
    The holes have got bigger than any I’ve seen
    I’d love to try sewing some gorgeous wee things
    Dresses, skirts an angel outfit with wings
    Bring back those skills I learnt in intermediate school
    Back when cooking and sewing were subjects that were cool
    This prize is so awesome I’d so love a brother
    So I could become a creative mother

  23. Maree Lawlor says

    I lost my Mum but had her old Singer sewing machine which no longer works. I would love to have a new one and use it mainly for mending because I have bags of my husbands work clothes that need mended

  24. I’d love to win this machine to give it to my mother-in-law. She has her mums old machine and it’s really old and doesn’t sew very well at all.

  25. If I won the Darling Brother machine I would give it to my grand Daughter who is sewing on her Great grandmothers Machine and it is 50 years old , but she has made dresses,sweat shirts and 3 quilts on it but it is very slow and stitch limited , would love to see what she could turn out on a Brother

  26. Having recently spent a five hour stint helping to make curtains for a church hall (with several meeting rooms) after its refurbishment at the end of a long earthquake strengthening project, I would love to have this machine to help spread the load. The one being used on the first day was just about red hot and I would hate it to get burned out!

  27. I now have three great grand babies and would love to help their budget by sewing for them

  28. Barbara Taylor says

    I’d keep it as my mum has a new machine of her own. She taught me to sew however and would be delighted to see me make more use of my skills.

  29. My Mum was a dressmaker and taught me how to sew when I was young. Mum is now starting to teach my two daughters to sew as she has so much more patience than me! I’d love this machine for them to learn on 🙂

  30. It’s for me.. To get creative with and to shorten trousers with.

  31. Haley Thompson says

    Three children to sew for and two friends expecting babies – I’d keep it with Mum as my tutor 🙂

  32. My partner and I have moved in together. He loves doing home made projects and encourages me to do them with him. I’m not very domesticated but am willing to give it a go for him. He’s recently made a pallet outdoor lounge suite. My job is to make the cushions. I’ve always been secretly into sewing. This would be a great start.

  33. Would be fantastic.My Mother was a brilliant sewer. She left an amazing legacy for my sisters and I but I have not replaced my old sewing machine since it died. I would love a new one so I can sew again.

  34. Amanda Prendergast says

    I would love this to give to my dearest Mum, who works tirelessly for all of us and has done all my life. She has always put herself at the end of queue and still does. I would love to give it to her to say thank you as she just is the best. LOVE YOU MUM xxx

  35. My no Mum is no longer with us – she would have loved this and sewed beautifully as did my grandmother who was a seamstress – so I would love this to help make and mend for my family and grandchildren esp my granddaughter (5) who just loves having clothes that no-one else can have.
    Thank you for doing this too

  36. My mum has no time for sewing, and has a lovely machine already so I’d keep it myself! I’d sew her something instead 🙂

  37. I would use this machine to sew things up for my little ones!

  38. Rachael Pengelly says

    Hi, I am the mum 🙂
    I am sole parent, home educator of 3 beautiful kiddies, my daughter is 8 and my twin boy and girl are 5. I will need to return the sewing machine I have borrowed from my friend soon as she is getting married and will have a home! Meanwhile I use the machine for all sorts from bringing together lovely home made presents for birthdays, a blanket or two for my children, and I’ve even tried my hand at clothes and toy making… I sure need practice!
    I hope to have a machine to teach my kids how to sew as they become ready aswell.
    So put me down! This mother needs a Brother! 🙂

  39. Christina Gardner says

    We lost our Mum more than 25 years ago and my sister, Margaret, who is like a Mum to me – struggles with our Mum’s old sewing machine. It would be lovely if I could win a new sewing machine for Margaret.

  40. Donna Mac Rae says

    I would love to give my 70 something mum a sewing machine. Todays ones are lighter than her heavy metal cased Pfaff bought in 1981or84?
    She was a seamstress before marriage and still fixes things for others including alterations to clothes for my very short very round IHC sister. And she is my go to person when I need answers. She used to make all our clothes and then got into rag dolls for a while to give to needy kids.
    This would just make it so much easier for her to keep sewing even longer.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. I am a mum, and grandmum, and I.d love a modern machine to continue making my dresses I,m making from recycled fabrics for little girls. At the moment I only have a rather old very small elna…which is not coping with the overload. I,d donate my elna to someone who wanted to learn or needed it for small amounts of sewing.

  42. crafty.grandma says

    My mom was a seamstress by trade. We spent many hours together in her store while she made beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and of course, mother-of the bride dresses on her Brother made for factory machine. When she passed away, my son put it in his basement (mostly because of lack of room in my house), where it now sits. I, on the other hand, took up sewing but my machine does only the basics and I would love to have a newer model so I can sew for my grand-children and especially my girly grand-daughter.

  43. If I was a lucky girl I would be able to return to crafting & making patchwork quilts.
    It was a fabulous pastime until my Janome went to sewing machine heaven, I would love a new sewing machine yes please.

  44. I would keep it for myself as my Mum has passed away. I would love to look into making some Patchwork Quilts. especially now that the weather has changed it is time to get going.

  45. My mom taught me how to sew – I am reminded of her tips every time I get behind a machine. I would use it to make her some new throw pillows for her new flat in the villa.

  46. Katherine says

    I would give this to my sister who is a bit down at the moment and I think doing something creative would cheer her up.

  47. Joanne Curry says

    My mum has passed away and I always thought she would teach me how to sew one day, so I missed out on her teaching me but would still love to learn so a new sewing machine would be a fabulous start!

  48. I would love to give this to my mum but she is in London. She taught me to sew from a very young age and used to make 90% of my clothes growing up. I miss having her around and it would make me feel closer to her while using this. I would love to teach the children I nanny to sew to pass along my knowledge to the next generation.

  49. My mum is also no longer with us, but she and my grandmother left a wonderful family tradition of sewing. My grandfather owned a fabric shop (now long gone), so they made many beautiful creations. I’d love to continue in their footsteps!

  50. I’d give it to mum. She’s now retired and have more time to indulge on her hobbies. She is currently using my grandmothers sewing machine (yep the one with the pedal) so, this will be a great addition to her home if I win it for her.

  51. I would give it to Mum because I know how much she loves to design and make her own clothes. She has such a great style but unfortunately has been without a machine for a long time because she gave hers to my cousin because he wanted to learn, I know it broke her heart to give it away but she has such a big heart she can’t help but share. I would love to surprise her with a new one

  52. Glenys Key says

    I would love to give this to my daughter so that she does not feel the need to send/bring all her mending etc back to mum for fixing/altering!

  53. Recently my Mother spent all her Flybuys points on a new Brother sewing machine for me; the predecessor of this beautiful machine. She is very dear to me, she does everything around the house, plus homeschooling me and my brother. The chance to win her a new sewing machine would be wonderful; we could be sewing a Cath Kidston quilt side by side. Thank-you for the chance to win a sewing machine for my lovely mother.

  54. Anne Mansfield says

    I’d keep it as my mum (who taught me everything I know about sewing) is no longer with us. I have a very old, very heavy sewing machine so this would be lovely to win. Id make some more dresses for my granddaughters.

  55. My grand daughter watches me like a hawk when I am sewing. She is making giant strides using my quick quirky ideas so easily . I would so love to give her a machine so that she could develop more. Sewing is a dying art in our schools . We must teach this new generation to appreciate such a wonderful,time consuming but relaxing hobby

  56. Andrea Rosario says


    I could think of so many things I could do with this sewing machine. However, its a year since I lost my mum. She passed away 6 weeks after my dad.
    But when I read comments posted before me, they seem so much more deserving of this machine. So, thank you for giving people the opportunity to give their mums something.

  57. Alison Cresswell says

    Would catch up on mending then maybe some new winter skirts. . Wonderful prize

  58. I would give this to my niece to encourage her to create her own clothes and accessories.

  59. Rachelle Alexander says

    I would give it to my eldest daughter (15) who has learned to sew and quilt with her grandma.

  60. Mum is an awesome sewer and I’m terrible! Could do with a new machine for her to teach me on!

  61. patricia l says

    I have a 7 years old son and a daughter 5 years that grow extremely fast and above all always play knees, I have an old jcp 6101 machine was broke and can not use it more, I need a new please !!!!

  62. Jess Gillon says

    My mother passed away about a year ago, she was an avid sewer, making beautiful quilts and clothes, and she taught myself and some nieces of hers to sew. Her old sewing machine that I inherited is getting a bit shoddy – I’d love to win this and use it to teach her youngest niece to sew (she’s just turned two) as that’s something Mum would have wanted to do.

  63. Jocelyn Kearns says

    OMG, I would love to win this. I want and need to get back into sewing. I would use it to help sew scarves for my scouting group. As well as other sewing needs of the group. I also need to make and alter my clothes and my sons’ as well. There is sooooo much I could do with a nice machine. Winning this would put me back into the sewing world, something I am totally missing right niw

  64. OH BROTHER….For an old girl…Wouldn’t this be nice to replace my old machine…..Would hate to be without one
    Thanks for the opportunity BROTHER

  65. I would gift it to a Mum and that Mum being my daughter. She now has 2 children of her own and would love to sew for them and herself. She would truly love this!!!!

  66. Sandra Christie says

    I have recently become unemployed and would like to be able to make and sell my crafts. My sewing machine is a hand me down and is over 35 years old and it rather tempramental. This Brother sewing machine would be a welcome addition to my craft room.

  67. Anita Erceg says

    I would share the machine with my Mum. Due to circumstances myself and my 2 children have ended up living with her temporarily, and although it is probably an inconvenience, she has been nothing but welcoming. Would love to say a big thank you to her. Not sure what we would have done without her.

  68. I’d definitely give it to my mum. No matter how enthusiastic I am with trying to sew something, my mum just does it better, handsdown, everytime!

  69. Would love this for both my mum and I, squash season is starting and would love to be able to make my own squash skirts for the larger figure. Mum taught me to sew, so would be great for her to be able to create her magic as well.

  70. My dear mother was a keen self-taught sewer and I spent my childhood wearing clothes she had made for me. It’s only now as an adult I appreciate the skill she had and wish I had learned more from her while she was alive.

    If I won the machine I would use it to learn to sew myself.

  71. Joanne Dean says

    Strange as it may seem I have come from a huge family of amazing creative talent however I can’t machine sew, but 2 of my sons have an amazing talent sewing and id love to win it for them 14 & 16 they’d be chuffed. Especially the 14yr old who sews from old clothing and just creates anything

  72. I was lucky my mum taught me to sew when I was a kid, she made most of our clothes, she lives in Australia so cant gift to her, but would love it to use the skills she taught me. I would firstly catch up on some mending and then get creative and make our home some new curtains and some funky clothes

  73. My Mum as her own machine has just died and she loves making things for her grand kids

  74. I would give this to my lovely mum. She used to sew all my dresses, dungarees and jumpsuits (yes, dungarees and jumpsuits were all the rage back then! ) She created so many beautiful outfits for me when I was a kid. She has been saying recently how much she would love to get back into sewing, so I would love to give her a sewing machine as a gift as I know she would make wonderful use of it.

  75. I would love to have this for myself and my daughters. My sewing machine has given up the ghost after many years of service. I used to make all my childrens clothes and would love to get back to sewing. My elder daughter loves to sew her own clothes and my younger one would love to learn how to sew so fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  76. It would be awesome to have a sewing machine. I would take it with me to my mums house so we can conpetitively sew, she gets a bit competive, so it will be easier with two machines!

  77. My Mum lives in the UK so I’d keep it and make my one year old son a wedding outfit – we have two family weddings in June

  78. I would give it to my mum – she used to sew all the time when I was young – but after a very messy divorce she walked away from her beloved sewing machine. Plus she could make very cool dress-ups for my kiddies 🙂

  79. I would use this sewing machine to take lessons and reaquaint myself with sewing so I could make clothes for my baby, and also a quilt something I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time.

  80. I have a friend who ALWAYS puts everyone before herself so I’d give this to her as my mum and I don’t sew.
    Karen is an amazing woman who always does everything for everyone else before herself so I’d love her to have this machine so she’d hopefully spend some time doing something she loves ……. sewing.

  81. robyn cook says

    I haven’t sewn for many years and I have missed it. My fingers itch to create fun things for my family and friends and nowadays the fabrics are just amazing. My mother taught me to sew, I taught my daughter and now I would love to teach my granddaughters.

  82. Jenny Guild says

    My mother taught me to sew when I was around 5 or 6 but sadly she is now far too old to continue. Throughout her married life, over 60 years now, she has always had something in her hands turning it into useful and attractive items. Because of differences in our lives, and the times we live in, I haven’t always had time to do all the things that she has but I do sew and I would love to be able to make some new furnishings for my recently purchased home. My current machine is a Pfaff and I bought it in 1980, but as I get older it has become heavy and awkward for me to lift. Sewing is such a great skill to have – I have three daughters and they have all been taught to sew.

  83. L Thomson says

    I would love this as I have never had a sewing machine of my own and then could make so many different things.

  84. I would give the sewing machine to my Mum, as she so kindly lent me hers about 10 years ago! I an still borrowing it!.

  85. Sandy Butler says

    My mother, who is a very talented quilter and sewer, taught me how to sew many years ago. She still sews a great deal and has quite a few machines of her own , so I would keep the machine and teach my children how to sew, the way my wonderful mother taught me. We would start with lovely dresses.

  86. Sarah Blair says

    I would give it to my 13 year old daughter who is very creative and loves to sew, she even makes clothes for her 3 year old sister!

  87. linda lyden says

    Time to make my own “Lily Pulitzer” dress….what a “sewingly” good idea on a GS2510 Brother machine! Thanks for the opportunity! Linda Sabla, 610 Westmont Lane, Vineland, NJ, USA,

  88. Teresa Winterburn says

    My Mother was a Seamstress and I was lucky enough to have her teach me to sew.She is no longer with me but I still continue to use the gift she gave to me and I continue to sew. I would love the opportunity to update my old Brother sewing machine with this beautiful new one ☺ Although I must say my current “Brother Machine” still works wonderfully. I could pass it on to my grand daughter whom I am teaching to sew.

    Good Luck to Me ♥
    Thanks for the opportunity Teresa…

  89. Awesome prize. Mum has her own sewing machine and I’m often going around there to use it. So it would be fantastic to have my own!

  90. Gemma Marshall says

    I’m entering for my mother because then she can make me some clothes! 🙂

  91. My mum taught us to sew as kids, and we also learned at school, back in the days. Would love to win this. Fingers crossed.

  92. Oh, yes please! Please put me in the draw.

  93. My mother would love this. She is so crafty. Then again, so am I. Maybe I should keep it for myself 🙂

  94. Samantha Gibbs says

    I’d love to keep this for myself. I could then mend my kids clothes and make some more for them.

  95. I would keep this to make cushions from leftover cloth

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