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Your chance to win a mixed pack of seedlings!

Have you heard of Awapuni Nurseries? They’re based just out of Palmerston North but they sell their herb, vegetable and flower seedlings in supermarkets and Bunnings nationwide and online via their website (see their website here).

What we love about Awapuni seedlings is that they’re all packaged in either recycled newspaper or biodegradable pots. I have some gorgeous selections myself (including Delphiniums ‘Black Knight‘ and ‘Dwarf Dark Bee’, a selection of basils, including cinnamon basil, and a French mesclun mix, among others), which arrived on my doorstep promptly after ordering online. (By the way, there is free delivery if you order six or more items to a non-rural address, or just $4 to a rural address – and satisfaction is guaranteed.)

Go in the draw to win! (COMPETITION CLOSED)

Congratulations to our two winners:

  • Stephanie Bond of Papamoa
  • Lesley McIntosh of Oamaru North


Now Awapuni Nurseries are giving 2 lucky readers (in New Zealand) the chance to win six seedling bundles (a mix of herbs, vegetables and flowers  – more than 40 seedlings).

To enter the draw, all you have to do is write a comment below. You can just say ‘hi’ if you like, or you could tell us what your favourite plant is, be it flower, herb or vegetable.

Good luck!

Open to NZ residents only. Competition closes 28th February 2015, midnight.


  1. Lesley McIntosh says

    Love these plants . Have a bumper crop of runner beans this year , giving them away to family and friends.

  2. Sharon Cannon says

    Hello, we would dearly love to win one of the above seed lots. We have been trying to get ourselves set up so we do not have to travel back and forth all the time to get fresh veges etc but have found that this summer has been really hard with drought, hence seedlings went to seed very quickly and lost 98%. We did manage to get some things but most, no. This would be most helpful. The flowers would go under the fruit trees. We live 20 kms from town. Thank you.

  3. Bridget McLay says

    these are great plants, such great value

  4. Sharee Sayers says

    We have recently just planted our first few veges in the garden – some were successful and some weren’t but we loved being able to pick fresh from the garden for our meals. As far as flowers go I love to see clusters of things like Cosmos and Salvia in a garden.

  5. I love Awapuni Nurseries plants. I recently bought Parcel seedlings – brilliant!

  6. Kris Kennett says

    I’ve grown their basil before – it was great!!

  7. Leigh Grady says

    Excellent timing – the garden can do with some replenishment. Favourites are veges – things like kale, perpetual spinach and silverbeet that just keep on giving.

  8. Monique Warring says

    I love Awapuni Nurseries, I’ve been buying their plants for a few years. I’d love to win some more! 🙂

  9. Kris Stowers says

    I think Awapuni nursery seedlings are the best. I especially love using their spring onions and parsley in my smoked fish rice slice. Instant flavour and wow.

  10. Diane Spence says

    Having just moved home from Australia my garden is bare!!!!! I weeded and dug over half the vegetable garden today – must have had a premonition something good was coming up. These would be a great start.

  11. Katrina Lendich says

    Love my garden. Have been thru a bit the few years and gardening makes me feel great watching everything grow.

  12. I love these seedlings and make sure I buy one bulk bundle of seedlings every month which gives my wee family lots of tasty treats.

  13. This would be amazing!!

  14. lynette steinz says

    We love your plants. We have a rhubarb in a large pot and its fantastic. Would like to win to plant down our driveway snd start our vege of our 1st house

  15. Pauline Ketel says

    Thanks for the chance to win this. I love Awapuni bundles and my garden could do with some more plants right now.

  16. I just love flowers. I can spend hours in the garden or amongst plants. I love growing them mmainly from seed or get little seedlings
    I love to see them grow and flower. What could be my all time favorite, the jocky cap lill y. Don’t tell the other plants I said so….

  17. Im going to get some of there veges on thurs 🙂 but could always do with more

  18. peter jamieson says

    Any tomato, preferably a range of them

  19. my favourite plant is lettuce so easy to grow

  20. carol hattie says

    Well I love growing my own veges and my son that is 5 has his own little garden . This will be a great addition to his vege patch.

  21. Lesley Burns says

    These plants are so economical and I love the use of newspaper to wrap them in to save costs and there is no need for plastic pots.I have loved all the plants I have bought especially the fact they are generous bundles too

  22. hi there ,would live to win some seedlings to help my daughter in law get her garden growing ,favourite plant is basil

  23. Rochelle Suddens says

    Hi 🙂 I’d love some of the fabulous seedlings from Awapuni as my seeds have not been very “growy” this year.

  24. marion henson says

    Just love growing plants from seeds. Such great value.

  25. Great plants. Love the eco-friendly packaging!

  26. I love Pansy’s for flowers and Cauli for vege. Would love to win to help my beginning garden along

  27. HI.

  28. Rosemary Richardson says

    Hi, would love to win these plants… Love watching plants grow and thrive.. My son is now growing plants at his place and, together, we are sharing ideas on how to ‘better’ our gardens and make improvements… He is feeling really proud at the moment because the first plants he has planted is doing really well… Peppers…. red, yellow, orange and purple.. Going to eat them soon… 🙂

  29. Melanie Johnson says

    my favorite plant at the moment is strawberry as it starts fruiting in spring and continues throughout the summer getting more intense flavour as it gets drier.

  30. Yes please love the Thai basil!

  31. If I dont have the time to pot up my own seeds it off the supermarket to get Awapuni seedlings , they are all ways there , they are all ways healthy and they are packed in news paper with the number of plants inside but there is all way more , veg or flowers its all ways great to see Awapuni

  32. Mint – love the stuff, makes ordinary food taste amazing 🙂

  33. Maricel Fogarty says

    hello, these seedlings from Awapuni nursery are great for planting in the vegetable garden. thanks.

  34. My favourite flower to grow is sweet pea and vegetable is apple cucumber.

  35. Love any flowers!!

  36. Ooh! Yes, please 😀 I would really love some plants. My personal favourite are herbs, but any edible is great, and because I never buy ornamentals for myself (reserving my cash for crops), flowers would be real pretty too.


  37. Wendy Pamplin says

    Hi – would love to win these. 🙂

  38. Katherine T. says

    Just what my garden needs right now!

  39. My favourite flowers are poppies & echinops. My favourite vege is runner beans.

  40. I love Awapuni seedling, always check out the range in the supermarket when I shop.

  41. Janet Wallace says

    yes please

  42. Rae MacDougall says

    I love their healthy seedlings at the supermarket

  43. love poppies and all vegetables growing in my garden.

  44. Anita Kundu says

    Hi, would love to win these! Enjoy sharing my harvest with the neighbours, family and friends. This will help me get a head start on the aumtumn planting season. Thanks

  45. Debbie McGuire says

    Always check to see what there is. They are great strong plants.

  46. Ilse Decruy says

    Love the seedling packages from Awapuni Nurseries, they work so well in my garden.

  47. angela collins says

    i love gerbras and im just starting to weed and get my front garden looking the way i want it this prize would help alot

  48. Annette Briggs says

    just love all herbs thyme is my favourite they add that something special to adish

  49. What an excellent prize! This would really stir me into putting some new life into my tired garden.

  50. Steph Liebert says

    I’m doing all I can for the bees at the moment. They need all the help we can give them. I’ve been planting bee-friendly flowers and herbs this summer, so my garden is buzzing.

  51. Awapuni produce lovely healthy looking plants. I’ve always had great success with them.

  52. Sharyn Patrica Adin says

    I buy your plants from Foxton new world. Love the mixed packs of vegetables.

  53. Andrea Brown says

    I have bought Awapuni seedlings for years – they are great value, great quality and you always get more than what they say on the label.

  54. My seeds just aren’t doing well this year, so some seedlings would be greatly helpful in filling in the empty spaces!

  55. I didn’t have much joy this season with my 6 different types of Tomatoes.So would really appreciate some thriving seedlings.Great giveaway.

  56. Alison Lowes says

    Have purchased Awapuni seedlings from supermarket and direct online before. Excellent value and quality. Purchase both veges and flowers, always have great success. Well done Awapuni 🙂

  57. We’re in the process of buying a house with a huge, but very unloved garden. Could definitely do with some nice new seedlings from Awapuni!

  58. Gloria Mumby says

    I consistently buy Awapuni seedlings as they always give me the best results,they seem to be garden ready and dont have to be nursed along to do well,keep up the good work

  59. Love the seedlings from Awapuni. The seedlings are always so healthy and so much success. The staff are so friendly and helpful all the time.

  60. Would love to win a box of seedlings! A mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers

  61. I checked out the Awapuni website & they have lots of pretty flowers that I would love for my garden 🙂

  62. What a lovely idea. My garden would benefit from an addition of herbs and seedlings.

  63. Just love these seedling bundles. We planted the sweet smelling flower mix and our garden is still full of the beautiful carnations, sweet peas and alyssums!

  64. Leonie Fisher says

    Hi, I love growing veggies and have got great results from Awapuni Nurseries pea seedlings this summer. Would be so great to be in to win this bundle of seedlings for the garden 😀

  65. This would be so handy! This year has been a disaster in the garden for me. I was sick from August to January so was late getting anything in, then we have had the big dry.
    I have missed my vegies this year.

  66. Hi. I would so love to win these seedlings. I am in the process of looking at what i can put in my garden and these would come in very handy. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  67. Looking to source some nice annuals for winter….all thing’s “P” …….pansies and primulas.

  68. Gayleen Ross says

    Would love the seedlings and maybe a bit of rain to go with them.

  69. Kath Coppard says

    I love gardening. My husband can’t understand why I enjoy it so much. I would really love the opportunity to win some plants. Thanks

  70. hi. Absolutely love planting plants that will help reduce our food bill!

  71. Herbs are lovely for the addition of flavour into home made dishes. Flowers are beautiful to colour your day and bring some spark to your garden

  72. I love my gardens, love that most of it has come from cuttings, swaps, bargain bin rejects. Trips to Cambridge are always a chance to top up my awapuni seedlings from Bunnings :).

  73. Hey. My absolute fav flower is the hollyhock.

  74. Rachael Moran says

    Hi SLM, Thanks for having such a useful competition, got to be in to win. Love reading your mag, always get something good out of it.

  75. Rebecca Cocker says

    What a fantastic prize! I would love a suprise selection of seedlings for the winter!! 🙂

  76. Hi! I too am a fan of their newspaper pots. All vegetables are good vegetables, so any selection would be great 🙂

  77. Chris Gower says

    I have had beautiful delphiniums and mixed cutting flowers from Awapuni this year as well as celery and spring onions. I love the newspaper wrapping – no waste.

  78. Haven’t tried these before, would love to!

  79. Susanne Gibson says

    Lovely healthly looking plants that would make my family’s meals delicious.

  80. Pru Roberts says

    Grew some supurb polys last winter from Awapuni Nursery,

  81. Hi
    My favourite rose is Yolande d’Aragon. The reason it is my favourite is because it has the most beautiful double flowers and a real heady perfume known only to old roses.

  82. Bought your plants, love them , bought other places plants and the strike rate is not like yours at all, yours grow healthy and strong and it is lovely to get some of the not standard popular varieties of cosmos etc, we will be back

  83. What a great prize. I have just been on the Awanui website for the first time – excellent advice and delivery charges. Easier than driving across Auckland on a busy weekend!!
    I like the paper wrapping too.

    I am struggling to know what to do with all my non-recyclable plastic pots. Does anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to put them into landfill.

  84. I ‘m a ‘beginner’ gardener and i always stop by your seedling stand in supermarket.
    The bundles allow me to try out different plantings, without fiddling with seeds, at different sites.

  85. Wow i see prefection in every flower, but must get my winter vegs in now like brussel spouts

  86. Trying to eat healthier. Would love some inspiration for our veggie patch

  87. Awapuni plants are great… You always get more in the parcel than what they say.. Excellent

  88. Joan Minchin says

    Love Awapuni seedlings. They have a great mixture which gives variety to our lives.

  89. I love the old, neglected and rejected plants in the graveyard section of our local Mitre10Mega. It’s fun to take a challenging bargain and nurse it to health.

  90. There is always room in my garden for more seedlings!

  91. These would be lovely

  92. Deborah Wood says

    Well, a bundle of more than 40 seedlings of flowers, vegetables and herbs would be lovely ! Infact, it would be amazing !! I bought and moved into a new property recently, it had been a rental for 20+ years and is very bare and lifeless. I would love to plant it up, attract some bees, and grow fresh food. I have three big piles of compost just waiting for a home ..

  93. Stephanie Bond says

    We love growing our own food. It brings me such joy hearing my toddler and husband outside counting plums or picking tomatoes, and seeing her eating strawberries straight from the patch. She loves filling her tiny watering can to help with the gardening.

  94. My favourite herb is Echinacea; pretty smiling flower heads that are full of goodness. Anti-inflammatory, great for your skin and super immune system boosters!

  95. fantastic prize! My favourite flower is peonies. So pretty. Too warm in winter in Hawkes Bay for them to grow properly though.

  96. Taryn Morrison says

    We’re on a very tight budget so we germinate our flowers and vegetables from seed wherever possible, so some seedlings that I don’t have to wait impatiently for to grow would be a wonderful luxury!

  97. Aimee Gibson says

    Our neighbours have been great this summer, keeping us in suppy with tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and chillis. Would be great to grow something of our own to share with the neighbours

  98. Vicky Marshall says

    Wow, fantastic! Thank you. I love my herb garden, everything smells so uplifting when I am near it.

  99. I have to start my flower and vegetable patch from scratch. No doubt I will be buying many Awapuni Nursery seedlings over the next few months

  100. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Have always been impressed with Awapuni Nursery seedlings.

  101. That would get the winter garden off to a good start!

  102. Hi if you like 🙂

  103. I would love to win this my garden is looking very bare at the moment.

  104. Christie Raymond says


  105. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  106. I love picking fresh coriander!

  107. Deborah Wood says

    Hi ! When will you be drawing / announcing the lucky winners ? Thank you *

  108. Deborah Wood says

    Why did you not announce the names of the winners ?
    People love to know, you know 🙂

    • Hi Deborah
      We are actually waiting for one of the winners to get back to us. Once they do the winners will be announced.

  109. hi love the thrill of watching all the new plants i have planted this autum ,in spring to bloom with colour yeah!!!!

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