Upgrade a pouffe

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Update-a-pouffeUse this easy technique to upgrade a tired or plain-looking pouffe.

Got a foot stool that needs a makeover? The easiest way to update its look is to change the top.

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Choose a bright-coloured or patterned fabric for the top and a trim to line the edge. Make sure the trim has a nice finished edge that can cover the raw edges of your fabric.

Cut the fabric to size. If your foot stool is in the shape of a square, cut it slightly bigger than the top and fold the edges under and stitch down with a sewing machine.

A rounded top is a bit more tricky. Cut the fabric to the exact measurements of the top of the foot stool and use No Fray Spray on the edges, or paint with a clear nail polish.

Either glue (use a fabric glue) or hand-stitch the fabric to the top of your foot stool. Then glue or hand-stitch the trim to the edges.

And that’s it!

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