Love heart tie box

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Heart box chocolates
What a great way to impress your special man (or Dad), a tie box filled with yummy chocolates or perhaps his favourite home baking.

There are a variety of ways to approach this project: one is to use an old shirt and tie (maybe not his favourite). Another method is to use a combination of paint and paper.

Heart-shaped boxes are available from most craft stores, and op-shops or thrift stores offer up a range of shirts at very low cost. You will need to cut the shirt into a heart shape a few centimeters larger than the size of the lid and then glue this to the box. Diane Henkler has a great tutorial on how to cover boxes with fabric to give you an idea.

The base of the box can be painted white or you may wish to cover this with fabric as well, place some tissue in the box and then add chocolates.

Sure to be a hit with Dad!

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