Upcycled denim cushion + Goldilocks and 3 bears

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Upcycled denim cushionDon’t turf out your old jeans. Use them to craft a fun, interactive cushion, like designer and crafter Amy Friend’s amazing creation. This cushion has a Three Little Bears theme, but Amy says anything goes. Here, “Papa Bear can be hidden in the Papa-sized fly; and Mama in the Mama-sized fly. Baby fits in the Baby-sized pocket. Goldilocks has a roomy back pocket all of her own but we know that won’t satisfy her, right? She will want to try them all out!” The tutorial and pattern download feature over at Michelle Made Me, a lovely crafty site.


  1. Great idea.I used to make pencil cases from old jeans by recycling the original zip at the top and using the area around the pocket.

  2. hi,is the third issue out yet please?
    can’t wait!

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