Tips for outfitting modern living rooms

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Are you looking to improve the feel of your living space without completely remodelling or renovating your home? Making a few key changes to one room can boost the atmosphere of your entire space when done right. Here are a few tips for outfitting modern living rooms that will send you in the right direction for comfort and style. 

Consider a black and white theme

Simple yet contemporary and elegant, black and white decorating themes will never go out of style. It offers a clean and simple appearance that allows you to contrast and highlight specific items, such as geometric lighting, while still keeping it minimalistic. Additionally, depending on how it’s handled, it’s easy to change when you’re ready for something different. 

Choose Bright Furniture

Sometimes a few adjustments to the furniture can make all the difference. For example, an excellent modern look can be achieved with a new couch. Many homeowners choose to alter the room’s ambiance by painting the walls dramatic colours or adding bold paintings. However, a simple way to change the entire room with one or two improvements is with a bright coloured couch with equally bold throw pillows. When choosing this theme, keep all the other areas minimal. Use light wall colours and simple matching items, such as missionary-style end tables. 

Add Geometric Lighting

You don’t have to paint, change the furniture, or replace the floors for a new, modern look. A few geometric lights, such as a contemporary chandelier, can make your living room look brand new with minimal shopping and effort. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with adding a new rug and a fresh coat of paint on the walls to offset the lighting. In addition, consider multiple matching lights rather than a single geometric lamp or lantern. 

Include Coordinating Abstract Art

Believe it or not, a few new pieces of art can make all the difference in your living room. For example, a single painting can take on a life of its own. In addition, it may also change the overall feel of any area. No, it doesn’t have to be a Picasso to have this effect. However, there’s nothing wrong with a replication. Another similar option is a single oversized painting. 

Center Everything Around a Unique Throw Rug

Yes, you can change the look of an entire room with a single throw rug. Well, okay, maybe not so simple. It needs to stand out from the rest of the decor. Carefully place everything around the rug, so the focus of the room is in the centre. Make sure it’s unique. If you didn’t add the abstract art or geometric lighting, go all out with the rug. Choose something with a conceptual design that everyone’s eyes will wander to first every time they enter the room. 

Include a Living Wall

A living wall is a perfect addition to any living or family room. Additionally, it’s an environmentally sound option. Vertical planting is the ideal way to add vegetation to your home without using too much space. If you live in an urban area, this can be a breath of fresh air, literally. A living wall can improve air quality throughout your home. Plus, it’s an added layer of insulation between you and the noisy city streets. Although it’s more trendy to keep it to a single wall, there’s probably nothing wrong with adding another and giving your living area a nature vibe.

Place a Single Brick Wall in the Room

If you’re not ready for vegetation with a living wall, an alternative is a single brick wall. This option can give personality to any room. It also offers a unique backdrop for a contemporary home. Leave the wall plain or add a small amount of decor to help it stand out from the rest of the area. Also, this project is easy enough to complete on your own with a few supplies. However, completing this decor yourself with a significant other or friend can give you a boost in confidence and a story to talk about when entertaining. 

Keep it Minimal

Sometimes it’s easier to say more with less. Consider a minimalist approach for a simple style that’s comforting on the eyes. Additionally, it’s much easier to change when you want a new look again.

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