Simple DIY guest slippers

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Felt-guest-slippersGive visitors their own pair of slippers to keep their tootsies warm on cold days.

These felt slippers couldn’t be easier to make, which means it’s pretty easy to whip up several pairs in different sizes and colours. Make some for children and adults and keep them at the front door for your guests to slip on when they arrive.

For the felt tops and soles, use the thickest felt you can find.

1. Cut out a base and top. You can use your own foot as an idea for size.

2. Using a thinner felt, embellish the top with different shapes (try animal shapes for children, and anchor or star shapes for blokes), hand-stitching them in place with embroidery thread.

3. Use embroidery thread to hand-stitch the tops to the soles, and you’re done!


  1. These are very Cute! I plan on making a few and keeping them in a nice basket by the front door. I wonder if I could use a couple of layers for the soles?

    • Hi Di. You could, but your best bet would be to find a thicker felt for the sole, if you can, to make it sturdy. Alternatively you could try sandwiching a piece of cardboard between two layers of felt. Sometimes you can find the real thick felt in the upholstery section of fabric shops. Good luck!

      • JaneW,
        Thank you for the info. I will look for the thicker felt. If not then great idea for sandwiching the piece of cardboard between two felt layers! Thanks again!

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