7 ideas for a greener bedroom

A greener bedroom is becoming more prevalent these days. This rise in popularity was seen after the pandemic which forced everyone to stay indoors for months. Perhaps missing the great outdoors compelled people to bring the outside in.  There’s no better way to incorporate the outside than utilising natural materials. These materials tend to be […]

Electric cars, a sustainable option

If you’re keen to embrace more sustainable ways of living, then you might be considering what form of transport is most environmentally friendly.  While walking or cycling to work makes no impact on the environment, the fact remains that these are not always feasible options. Those who live a long distance from their place of […]

Green Interior Decorating Ideas

The growing level of concern for the environment has also resulted in a change in homeowners’ habits and tastes as green interior design becomes increasingly popular in the country. If you’re looking to revitalise your living space this year, consider these sustainable decorating ideas for your home. 

Eco-friendly cars – more popular than ever

As a dependable, money-saving, and environmentally friendly option, eco-friendly cars have become more popular than ever before. Because of their hybrid technologies, saving qualities, and resale value, eco-friendly hybrid vehicles are here to stay.