Eco-friendly cars – more popular than ever

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Almost 65% of eco-friendly car owners plan to keep their vehicle for more than 4 years. As a dependable, money-saving, and environmentally friendly option, eco-friendly cars have become more popular than ever before. Because of their hybrid technologies, saving qualities, and resale value, eco-friendly hybrid vehicles are here to stay.

Fusion of Gas and Electric

Eco-friendly hybrid vehicles have long had the connotation of being lower grade performers in terms of driving experience and craftsmanship. But with what hybrids have to offer today, this is now only a myth. These cars contain the positive traits of both gas powered and electric cars. First off, the gasoline component of a hybrid allows you to fill up your tank quickly and drive it for long distances, while the electric part of the engine reduces emissions as well as your budget for gas. And while these cars may have smaller gas engines than traditional vehicles, electric motors in these vehicles allow them to have the same power and performance as a traditional gas car. By taking the positives of both energies and leaving the negatives, hybrids are becoming more common on the roads.

Save In More Ways Than One

Having an eco-friendly vehicle allows you to save in two ways; on your gas and energy budget as well as the planet by lowering your emissions and carbon footprint. In terms of gas, prices have been rising steadily and filling multiple times a week can eat a hole in your pockets. With a smaller fuel tank and less reliance on gas for the engine, you can save money by filling up less and having gas available in your car longer. And while hybrids can be a bit more pricey than traditional gas cars, you are still destined to substantially reduce your gas bill over time.

More In Your Pocket

Even after you’ve decided you are done driving it, your hybrid can still make you more money. After years of covering the cost of maintenance and any repairs needed, getting the most out of your car in resale is a big deal. Hybrid vehicles have brought so much more value to the lifetime of cars, and are coveted for their higher standard of equipment and reliability.  The average American goes through 12 cars a lifetime, the fact that hybrids will return more on those investments is another strong reason they are becoming more and more common.

Jump On The Eco-Friendly Train

Environmentally sustainable vehicles have been purchased at higher and higher rates yearly, with the number increasing to over 3 million last year alone. These vehicles have become so popular because of the fusion of the positives of both gas and electric vehicles, saving both money and the environment, and putting more in your pocket after you resell it. Consider this when purchasing your next vehicle and be part of the reason environmentally friendly cars are here to stay.


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