Eco-friendly gift-wrapping

Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled, and it’s ripped off a gift and thrown in the trash in a matter of seconds. Save your money – and our landfills – and try the Japanese art of fabric wrapping. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, but you can use any recyclable fabric, a scarf, or […]

Pretty giftwrapping ideas

Add a touch of elegance to your gifts this year – use inexpensive craft supplies and recycled materials to create your own prettily wrapped presents. Take your cue from these inspiring gifts.

Botanical wrapping paper

Make your own wrapping paper by making photocopies from a book of botanical drawings, as this gorgeous image, from Home and Garden, shows.

Gift wrap with washi tape

Gift wrapping can be a pain, especially if you want to make it special. So the very talented folk at Maru Store have shared a few simple ideas to turn plain and boring boxes into impressive looking presents with washi tape.