How to make the best chocolate martini

Chocolate martini, anyone? This delicious drink is both simple and sophisticated, and it’s the perfect pre-dinner drink or dessert drink – or for toasting Mum on Mother’s Day.

Flowerpot cakes

These cakes, baked in small terracotta flowerpots, are a rich, moist, chocolatey treat for special occasions.

Quick and easy chocolate dessert

No need to spend hours in the kitchen to churn out awe-inspiring desserts. Cheat with this super easy chocolate feast.

Easy, decadent chocolate sauce

Need a dessert in a hurry? Make this quick and easy, and delicious, chocolate sauce.

Chocolate pancakes

These delicious pancakes can be served up for dessert or rolled into bite-sized snacks to serve at parties. Just add whipped cream, piping hot chocolate or strawberry sauce or even a berry jam.

Chocolate butterfly cake

If you’re on a diet, turn away now. This chocolate cake is pure decadence. It contains chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, plus a fluttering kaleidoscope of chocolate butterflies.